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EURO 2012

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Interesting, as the general perception seems to have Croatia and Hungary as the outsiders of the three. I think I might take up Mr Power's Poland-Ukraine price.

I have always seen that its between Croatia/Hungary and Italy, with Poland/Ukraine as the outsiders, remember that 11 members stood up for Italy, 9 for Croatia/Hugary and 7 for Poland/Ukraine.

I have always prefered Croatia/Hungary because of my sympathies for Croatia and no offense but its not like the British government or media has ever provided correct information on Croatia. The British were one of the most harshly critical of Croatia's independence and the Ante Gotovina allegations that the British government systematicly leveled against Croata for around a decade. I have no idea why the Brits and the Croats have been at each other for a very long time.

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What I lack from the italian bid is the real will of making it. Of course I don't know how it is inside! I only write how it seems...

In almost each Hungarian newspaper (and not only the sports papers!) you could find the topic on front page these days, with also long reports inside.

And from what I have heard, Italian papers just write some "shorties" in latter pages. It is "just an other" bid for them, and just an other tournament to organize, if they win. For Croatia/Hungary it IS the big chance to take.

I haven't heard about Polish/Ukrainien news, but i'd bet, they are much more like the Hungarian (and Croatian) ones.

. . . . . . . . .

Final countdown: 4 and half hours!



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