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Bangkok, Thialand 2028

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I havnt intentional copied the National Post and Reebok logo, infact id never seen the Posts logo before.

I did, however "take" some inspiration from a logo posted in the BA topic.

besides, watdahell is it supposed to mean, aaron?  A feather or sumtin'?   I thot a Bangkok logo would at least have one of those temple klongs (I think that's what they're called).  Bangkok's another big city now or nearly 10 mil or so -- but quite orderly and clean vs. say, Manila.

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Existing Venues Highlight Of Bid.

Only one new venue is to be constructed as a result of Bangkok hosting the 2028 Olympic Games. Riding on the back of many new facilities created as a result of the XIII Asian Games, Bangkok bid officials have plans to utilise existing infrastructure for all but 3 Olympic disciplines.

Planned is to be a modern aquatic facility to be constructed adjacent to the Hau Mark Sports Complex and Main Stadium. The new 10,000seat facility will feature 2 indoor and four outdoor pools, and will host the sports of Swimming, Diving and Synchronised Swimming.

The new US$150million facility plan has thus far been widely praised by Thailand Olympic officials and is due to be released in under a week. The facility will and a new attractive highlight to aquatic sports in Bangkok, Thailand and the Southeast Asian sub-continent as a whole.

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Bangkok Announces Capital Works Programme For 2025

19th, April 2015

Bangkok, Thailand

Despite early signs of a scaled Bangkok Olympics, officials are now conceding that the funding involved in a Bangkok Olympics would need to be substantially higher then originally predicted. Initially developed to be a low cost bid and Games, it was soon clear to Thai Olympic officials that Bangkok would need to spend far more then predicted in order to firstly get the Games, and then host them well.

At a press conference at the Bangkok Trade Centre, bid officials announced a radical plan to overhaul Bangkok’s existing infrastructure. To be completed by 2025, the “National Capital Works” programme will involve the development of new sporting infrastructure, accommodation precents and development of new transport methods to attract investment to the city, further benefiting the Thai economy and increasing the chance of hosting the 2028 Olympic Games.

The project will include the development of a medium sized sports precent in central Bangkok as well as upgrading sporting facilities at Rangsit University, the overhaul of the National Stadium, the development of a casino and accommodation precent in Bangkok’s southern district, the development of a second light rail network and the development of the Olympic Village and Media precents.

Expected to cost the Thai economy over US$90billion over 10years and a further US$30billion in the years proceeding the Games, the massive development has already sparked protest among many environmentalist groups and within the Thai government.

Project officials believe that the programme will allow sufficient infrastructure in Thailand, particularly in Bangkok to allow for its economy to grow in the future.

“This is a long term alternative that will hopefully spur our economy to new heights” Thai economist Jonathan Haung.

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Overhaul To Set Olympic Standard

20th April, 2015

Bangkok, Thailand

If Bangkok’s Olympic bid is successful, Thai officials have promised a US$1.3billion facelift of the Rajamangala Stadium, that will forever change the face of sport across South East Asia. The ageing stadium will see radical change in the years leading up to Games, which will include a complete overhaul of the pitch dimensions, the upper tiers and the development of roofing that will cover 100% of seating in the stadium.

The historical venue, which was the main stadium for the XIII Asian Games, will also see a massive capacity increase, almost doubling in size to an Olympic capacity of 118,000 (Which will stand as the largest Olympic venue in history)

“We have designed this plan to completely renew the stadium and the face of sport in Thailand”

“This will give athletes the greatest athletics facility on the planet and will leave a legacy for athletics and football in Thailand”.

The plan features extensive media facilities, retractable roof, spacious seating and removable top tiered levels.

“We are particularly keen on making upper tiers removable in the plan. This will allow us to drastically reduce the stadiums capacity post Games”.

Post Games, the stadium will subdued and down scaled to just over 88,000seats.

“This is our national stadium; let us give it international proportions”  


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Um...That was a Beijing Stadium proposal. But then again, mine is a proposal for a stadium in dublin, so whatever. But looks good. Can you walk on that roof thing?

Lets not forget your Manchester velodrome proposal and some other swimming venue.

Obviously the plan isnt going to be exactly the same, though this is basically what the new National Stadium will be based on.

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Bangkok Uses Past As Reasons For The Future

Bangkok, Thailand

20th, April 2015

Bangkok Bid Officials believe that the cities strong sporting culture will advantage it as it bids to host the 2028 Olympics. After hosting the XIII Asian Games during the 90’s and the 2007 Universiade Games, the city and its officials believe it stands out from all other bidding cities.

“We have held Asian Championships for over 15 Olympic sports, and World Championships for over 12. We have hosted the Asian Games, three times, twice with less then 2years notice after the original host has pulled out. We have had the Far East Asian Games and the South East Asian (disabled) Games”

“This has left us with a ravishing array of venues, world class facility and the ability to say we have welcomed over 10,000 international athletes in the last 15years”stated bid coordinator Zulang Phoa.

“We believe that experience speaks. If we have strong backing and recent experience to prove our worthiness, why should we not deserve the Games?”

“In times of such uncertainty, the secure options are those we should look to first. Bangkok is historically secure”.

We asked about the environmental issues and security problems within the South East Asian region, Mr.Phoa failed to comment.

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