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Sapporo 2030: Give them an offer they can't refuse with no bids involved

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“Sapporo Mayor Katsuhiro Akimoto and Japanese Olympic Committee President Yasuhiro Yamashita have made a joint commitment to ensure that the city's bid to stage the 2030 Winter Olympics and Paralympics is free from corruption.”

“The declaration, signed by Akimoto and Yamashita, comes after Haruyuki Takahashi, a prominent member of the Tokyo 2020 Executive Board, was arrested on suspicion of accepting bribes.“


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“Tsuguhiko Kadokawa was detained by the Tokyo District Public Prosecutor's Office today, according to Japanese reports, as Kadokawa's links to former Tokyo 2020 Executive Board member Haruyuki Takahashi are probed.”

“Prosecutors are investigating allegations that Takahashi accepted bribes in return for helping companies become sponsors of the Olympics.”

“Kadokawa Corporation was selected to produce the guidebooks and records for Tokyo 2020 and was a Games sponsor.“


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“Young people particularly backed the Games, with 70 per cent of people in their 30s or younger saying they supported the candidacy.”

“Only 38 per cent said they did not support the bid and enthusiasm is cooler in Hokkaido, the northernmost of Japan's main islands where Sapporo is the capital.”

“Residents who responded there were almost equally split between supporting and not supporting the bid.“


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Sapporo 2030 Opinion Polls this year


25 February 2022 - Survey shows that not many people are into the idea of Sapporo hosting the 2030 Winter Olympics - SoraNews24

  • 45% national support


16 March 2022


6 June 2022


6 September 2022 - Bribery Scandal Breaks re Tokyo 2020


13 September 2022


  ( did I miss any other polls? )

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“On Monday 5 September, the investigation pulled a second partner out of the hat, after the company Aoki Holdings, also implicated in the affair.”

”The publishing house Kadokawa Corp, which became an official supporter of the Games in April 2019, is also said to have paid Haruyuki Takahashi for services rendered during the sponsor selection phase.”

“Later in the day, the Kyodo News agency brought to light a third aspect of the affair.

Credit:  Sapporo 2030, a favourite slowed down in the middle of the race - A Favourite Slowed Down in the middle of the race - 06/09/2022


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1 hour ago, Brekkie Boy said:

Isn't that often the case with host cities.

Sometimes.  But especially as we've seen with some Winter bids, it's a little more spread out rather than centralized in 1 location to put the burden on a larger region rather than 1 city and it's nearby mountain complex

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“According to a report by Japan’s Yomiuri Shimbun that cited inside sources, the cancellation will also impact a meeting that was being considered between Bach and Sapporo Mayor Katsuhiro Akimoto to discuss the 2030 Olympic bid by the Hokkaido capital. Those plans will need to be rescheduled.”

“Plans last month for Mayor Akimoto to travel to IOC headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland to meet with Bach were also canceled on short notice with the blame being placed on “scheduling” conflicts.“


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“Bach was in Japan last month to attended the state funeral of former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzō Abe, who was the Prime Minister from December 2012 until September 2020, during which time Tokyo was awarded the Olympics and Paralympics.”

“The German official was supposed to meet Sapporo Mayor Katsuhiro Akimoto during the visit to discuss the city’s bid to host the 2030 Winter Olympics.”


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1 hour ago, iceman530 said:

and still, the IOC perseveres..........Sapporo is looking like a ride or die regardless of controversy.  Theyre going for it.

A lot of problems need to be recovered from the bribery scandal.

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2030 Sapporo Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games Bid slogan

Plan A The world will be surprised, let's make it winter.

Plan B NAMARA Hot! to a pure white stage

Plan C Let's change now for the future.


"Namara" means so much/very in Hokkaido dialect.

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“Now that the race for the 2030 Winter Games appears to be between Salt Lake City and Sapporo, Japan, which city is the favorite?”

“It’s Sapporo that’s being seen as the frontrunner, despite fallout from an Olympic bribery scandal involving an executive with the 2020 Summer Games held last year in Tokyo accused of accepting money from companies seeking sponsorships.”


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