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Look of the Games

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Hi everyone,

don't know, if anyone noticed the updated version of the Paris 2024 website.

There is a part about the brand, the logo and also the main and secondary colours.

I think it'll be much different from the last games.

Black, white and gold are the main colours, combined with 4 different pairs of secondary colours, dark-blue/yellow, green/white, light-pink/petrol and sth like apricot/beige(?)


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It’s near the top of my all time favourite logos too. Great font too!

Black IS classy, but don’t think you’d want to use it too heavily in the look, especially for TV. But could be striking if used strategically and sparingly amidst other colours.

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Honestly, we have seen so much colour patterns that just black, white and gold appeals to me a lot. Anyway, they use mainly black on the web to consume less energy and so on. Sadly, they will start to add lots of colours when the date approach. 

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they would ruin the Logo if they would go very colorful.

I really hope they are able to bring the 20s vibe of the Font and the logo to the look of the games.
if they do it right they could create a iconic look and a benchmark for the future

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