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Tokyo 2020ne CLosing Ceremony Verdict.

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Well. I would say that it was more happier than the Opening Ceremony. It was nice to see a smaller field of play (should've done that for the Opening). I loved how the athletes were dancing and rejoicing (it took my mind off of covid). It was nice to see Modern and Traditional Dances of Japan come together. The Paris Handover was amazing. I loved the flyby from the planes, the videography and the French that came together in the Trocadero. I'm not sure whether the flag was real or pre-recorded (the latter perhaps). I guess that's the new trend of handovers instead of within the stadium. The performance of the children and the lady somehow have me low key Sound of Music vibes. It was quite emotional to see the Olympic Flame extinguished and formed into what the cauldron was before Naomi Osaka lit the flame. The 'Arigato' LED board was heartwarming, emotional but joyful. The fireworks, Paralympic promo at the end gave me something to look forward too after the Olympics. 

The one thing I would have love to have seen was more musical performances and a not so abrupt ending to the ceremony (I guess they designed the ceremony so that more focus is put towards the Paralympics and more wow factors). It was also quite sad to see that there were no audiences.

I believe that Japan and TOCOG should be honoured and given a very special award by Bach and the IOC. I throw my hat to Tokyo, Japan, and Seiko Hashimoto for creating a successful games and battling so many hurdles. I feel as though if the pandemic never happened, we would have seen a more complete picture Japan in the ceremonies and in the sporting events (even though the sports action took me away from the fact that there was no one in the stands). In saying this, I believe the IOC should unanimously give Japan the next possible Olympics wherever in Japan that may be (Sapporo, Nagoya etc. or maybe even Tokyo again). 

I have grown a full interest in Japan and Japanese culture and I would love to come and visit Japan when international travel here in Australia opens up.

I end my Closing Ceremony review with the words from Channel 7's Olympic Cultural Commentator Kumi Taguchi:

"It's not a goodbye, it's じゃあまたね (ja mata ne) meaning 'see you soon'"

Arigato Japan 

Arigato Tokyo

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