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Tokyo Paralympics Broadcast Coverage


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Good to see a significant increase of coverage from the OBS.   Some of those missing are a bit odd - Fencing must be one of the easiest to film you'd have thought, and similarly Taekwondo is an odd exception given Judo has long got coveraged.

Good to see C4 adding More4 to their coverage plans, using it mainly for team sports with athletics, swimming and cycling likely to dominate the C4 coverage.   A shame they don't use 4Seven as well, but maybe by Paris they will.   They'll air the 16 streams online but no word if they'll be available via All4 so you can watch on your TV.

More details here - unlike the BBC they will have some live presentation in Tokyo with overnight coverage, along with the 5pm highlights show.  The daytime coverage and 7.30pm highlights come from Leeds, with The Last Leg in it's London studio, which given the time difference probably works best anyway.


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Full press release, schedule and commentator/pundit line up for C4's coverage.



In Australia Channel 7 have now promoted the Opening Ceremony coverage to the main channel, but on a delay with the broadcast beginning at 9.15pm (ceremony start 9pm Aussie time).   Their daily coverage is mainly on 7Mate but with four hours each afternoon on the main channel.


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