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GamesBids' Tokyo 2020 Closing Ceremony Live Chat (Paralympics edition)

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And so it ends. Eight years of preparation, with a particularly difficult last year-and-a-half. Tokyo and Japan took a monumental task, I think they can keep their head held high and pat themselves on their backs. Although one should not forget the (understandable) opposition against the Games in the Japanese general public and the regrettable fact that they were largely not able to witness the Games that they were paying for in person. So I look back on the Paralympics with the same mixed emotions that I felt after the Olympic Games. Nonetheless, I feel relieved that Tokyo proved to the world that even during a pandemic with increasing infections, it is possible to have a bit of normalcy and still stage a huge sports event like this one. I think that their feat is historic in that regard. And for that, I say: Arigato Tokyo, arigato Nippon!

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Owarimashita! 終わりました!

It has finished!

The ceremonies of the Paralympics were better than the Olympics but I think all of the ceremonies were just as perfect as the other. What a happy and moving end to Tokyo 2020. I did shed a tear though.

We will always be grateful to what Tokyo and Japan has done for the world throughout the past 8 years.

Arigato Tokyo, Arigato Nihon!

またね! Mata ne! See you again!

Bring on Beijing 2022!

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Despite everything which happened, Tokyo proved that under the current circunstances, its still possible to perform these events. While I get sad sometimes thinking about what could had been if Covid didn't happened, the effort put by the entire country was very moving. Maybe Japan won't look back at this event with lots of nostalgia, but at least they avoided a bigger disaster which would had been its complete cancellation.

Also, the Paralympics ceremonies while still being very simple were x1000 better than the mess which were the Olympic ones because of the reasons we already know and we don't need to mention again. Sadly, this was a textbook of How Not to Organize your Olympic Ceremonies (Japan seems to be cursed as hell when it comes for sport ceremonies tbh, most of them sucking).

Anyway, Rendezvous a Paris 2024.

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Thank you Tokyo, thank you Japan. No exaggeration to say you saved the Olympic movement at immense cost to yourselves, all of us should be grateful for a very long time. A chance to host the Games again properly at the earliest opportunity with special cost arrangements and IOC help is the least the movement can do. Let's hope we see Tokyo again, but let's hope we never see another Games disrupted like this again. So, vers Paris. I might be from the other side of La Manche but there's honestly nowhere else in the world that could be more appropriate. As someone else said after the Olympic closing (can't remember who, sorry), the beacon of hope, the city of lights. Let's please get through this pandemic, and then have a glorious, magical, fun, French, normal Olympics. Bring on 2024. Bonne chance. 

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