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The Tokyo Olympics has been Very good!!!!!!!

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43 minutes ago, The Tower Bridge Fox said:

The Tokyo Olympics has been Very good!!!!!!!
Stunning performances it seems the lake of an audience has made the Athleats more relaxed  and able to give amazing performances.

It was the radioactive waters from Fukushima. It turned the athletes into Godzillas.

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I agree and it's a shame their success will be framed somewhat by the ratings NBC got when they actually rated pretty well in Japan and other countries such as Australia saw really strong ratings too.

As a spectacle though they far exceeded my expectations - the lack of crowd was a shame and took the gloss off but on the whole it meant the focus was on the athletes themselves and their performances, and there were some exceptional performances.


The only real flop for me was the ceremonies, which was probably understandable given the usual reliance on artistic segments featuring hundreds of people.   Literally the only thing I remember of them now is the pictogram segment and the Paris segment.   Indeed the Paris segment may pave the way for a change in the future of the next host segment coming from the city itself which IMO would be a really good thing.

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