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GamesBids' Toyko 2020 Closing Ceremony Live Chat

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1 minute ago, Go Europe said:

I hope they have tested the force such a flag will exert on the tower! Especially if windy!

would probably have lots of holes in it to let pressure escape.

they can simulate on a computer any aero-dynamic and meteorological conditions these days,

eg aircraft design

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The game were great! (Though I still think they could have had crowds with appropriate safe distancing!!). Props to the organizers. But the ceremonies have been boring. Again, I reflect back on Rio and their concept to do more with less - they had a small budget but kept a great standard at the ceremonies.

I wish in Tokyo they had used more technology (like robots, cars, etc), banked more on the brands and things that connect Japan to the world. I also wanted to learn more about their history, but I haven't. 

I liked the video they have just showed and the dance performances in the ceremony because we can grasp a bit of their culture and demographics. However,  this should have been done live, in a creative way.

I also enjoyed the caring touches that are revealing about their society. For example, in the opening ceremony, they had elderly flagbearers and here we see people in wheelchairs. That is super respectful and honourable! (though they should have been given the elderly flagbearer a shorter distance to walk as it dragged too long lol).  


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