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GamesBids' Toyko 2020 Closing Ceremony Live Chat

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At least Paris lowered the bar very deep for their opening ceremony in 2024. It can only get better than that. And I hope that they don't continue having the heads of state in the handovers. It was funny in Rio with Shinzo Abe (and even more so, the inclusion of the Queen in the famous Bond scene in London), but it already got tacky with Xi Jinping in Pyeongchang. And Emmanuel Macron should have not had a place in this, only nine months before the presidential election.

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Just now, Go Europe said:

I miss the times when we used to have daytime ceremonies! Best backgrounds are actual city backgrounds!

I don't. The darkness gives the ceremonies a more intimate feeling, and the fireworks and the Olympic Flame don't look impressive at daylight.

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Very good rendition of Marseillaise which also included Stade de France. Wonderful introduction video through the roofs of Paris. The flag was completely fake and computer generated though lol, what the hell was that.

However the ambience in Paris is very much different from the grimace which was Tokyo. Awesome performance by the air force too, and they kept the tradition of using the head of state in handovers which was kickstarted by Tokyo 5 years ago.

7/10. I don't want to be too harsh on it because I understand the pandemic situation, so i'll just say it was decent and very french.

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Paris 2024 handover showed us the upcoming kind of ceremonies... many of that is coming for future events: city involved, cinematographic style... yeah, guys! The style of making ceremonies has changed since today...

Welcome to the new ceremonies era...

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10 minutes ago, Olympian2005 said:

The japanese must be so pissed seeing the french all out celebrating 

They've been annoyed at France for some days after Dembele made racist remarks toward some japanese workers in an hotel. Also while it gave a sensation of hope, its also kind of a contradictory message. Social distancing and no spectators in Tokyo while Paris was packed with people. They must be tilting their heads right now.

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I was underwhelmed by France's handover. 

It's easy to produce marketing videos, the president used the handover to promote himself, and there was little live creativity.

I enjoyed the air show and the fast paced music, but I am not enthusiastic about Paris 2024. Maybe because of my sad experiences with some arrogant French :rolleyes: 



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7 minutes ago, Nacholympic said:

A  different but truly AMAZING!!! Handover

Already on the way to Paris 2024!!


I thought it was cool! Shame that big flag they planned to fly never got a chance to shine. Damn bad weather. But they did the handover and they are ready!

Hoping their Paralympic handover will be cool too!

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