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Vancouver 2030

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57 minutes ago, iceman530 said:

But New Yorkers would murder that with a NOlympics knife

Certainly would think so, too. Or at least be totally indifferent about it. A lot of New Yorkers already think that their city is already well-established globally to even bother with the Olympics. I think the last shot that the IOC had with NYC was for 2012, but ironically enough, those Games were Europe's to lose (with London or Paris. Or to a lesser extent, Madrid or Moscow).

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Speaking of NYC, I can't find a link but a few years ago I remember a short bit in the Dallas Morning News about a proposal for NYC to bid for a Winter Olympics with Lake Placid. Ceremonies would have been at Yankee Stadium. Ice events in NYC while skiing and sliding would have been held at Lake Placid and Gore Mountain. Nothing ever came of it. With Lake Placid hosting the winter universiade I'll be curious if that's a success whether or not they look for a third Olympics in the not too distant future obviously with a larger city as an anchor.

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On 10/12/2021 at 3:47 PM, yoshi said:

I don't know anything about Albany, apart from it being the capital of New York state (why?)

Off topic, but many U.S. states chose smaller cities as their political centers to reduce the power of one city over the state as a whole. As a contrary example look at how much London dominates the UK, or how much Paris dominates France. Corruption was another concern - especially in particular for the state of New York, where the city government was notoriously corrupt for a long time. A central location was another positive attribute, and that was also true for planned national capitals in the USA (back when everyone lived on the Atlantic coast), Australia and Brazil.

On 10/12/2021 at 3:47 PM, yoshi said:

would it be a bit small? 

Albany is technically large enough, but it has very little tourism infrastructure.

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