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GamesBids' Toyko 2020 Opening Ceremony Live Chat

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1 minute ago, zigzag said:

Remember that depending on Tokyo COVID cases, we might get spectators for the paras, that alone will make things much more better for everyone

A full stadium would bot have saved this monstrosity 

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It's not really fair to judge this like anything else - the you-know-what, the low support it caused (didn't they have the highest ever support in a democracy at one point?), the creative turmoil...I know it might be unlikely but I'd really like Sapporo 2030 to happen now so we can see what Japan can do in normal times - whoever did the handover, just give the gig to them.

Also this pictogram thing is weird :wacko:

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I won't lie the Pictogram segment and the upcoming one was/look fun. It wasn't so hard to make most of the ceremony like this, Japan. <_< If i wanted to be remined of this fucking pandemic i wouldn't had watched it

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13 minutes ago, kevzz said:

This shows why the Games should be cancelled in the very first place. It's not fair to the Japanese to host in such situation. IOC has been very selfish and unkind to the Japanese organising committee. 

I don't know. It was a tough call either way. I mean, most of the expenditure had already happened. So cancelling the Games wasn't going to save them much money. It would've cost the IOC a boatload. I think it would've hurt the Olympic brand as well. And there are the athletes to think of. 

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