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GamesBids' Toyko 2020 Opening Ceremony Live Chat

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2 minutes ago, rio2016man said:

That’s the Emperor? He just looks like a regular dude. I was expecting some kind of fancy dress.

Well, the athletes look happy. But the volunteers and actors....you can tell nobdy want to be there,

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1 minute ago, Olympic Fan Darcy said:

Come on, Covid aside this has been awful. Where's the pop culture references? We had Shinzo Abe dressed as Mario at the handover in Rio 2016. I haven't seen anything fun or culturally fun so far. I've seen barely anything about Japanese history, I would've loved to see so much more about Tokyo 1964. Instead it's been this bland, stale piece of bread show. 

Bud, Covid has been demoralizing. There was a good chance these ceremonies wouldn't happen at all. The Games have been a money pit and the Japanese aren't getting any return on their investment. Public support is scant. Hardly optimal conditions for creative brilliance.

I agree that the ceremonies are lackluster. I won't rewatch them. But in the grand scheme of things, I'm giving Tokyo 2020 a pass. The ENORMOUS financial losses that they have absorbed are mind-boggling. In the grand scheme of things, the ceremonies clearly weren't the top priority. And they shouldn't have been. 

Frankly, I think simpler ceremonies are going to become the order of the day as the Olympics try to be more cost-conscious. Rio's ceremonies were pretty humble. These absolutely are. Sure, Beijing will ratchet up the spectacle next year, but I think it's very possible that future ceremonies will look more like Tokyo than Sydney/Athens/Beijing/London. 

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1 minute ago, Olympian2005 said:

If this is it, the paralympic opening will be even worse if it can get worse

Remember that depending on Tokyo COVID cases, we might get spectators for the paras, that alone will make things much more better for everyone

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