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GamesBids' Toyko 2020 Opening Ceremony Live Chat

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So....here we are. Less than 12 hours for the Opening ceremony of a very cathartic Olympics which are, somehow, still happening despite everything. I know the current situation is very awkward and this might be the most depressing ceremony we'll watch, but we still have to keep with GB tradition somehow.

Anyway, let's get started.

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23 minutes ago, Palette86 said:

Ebizo Ichikawa(kabuki actor) is going to appear in opening ceremony.


Not surprising. Mansai Nomura (one of the main guys in charge of the ceremonies) is a Kabuki actor/director and he often played roles in historical eigas (movies)} such as Onmyoji. Kabuki also happened in the Rugby World Cup opening.

Almost 30 minutes to go.

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