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Just when I thought I’d got out, they drag me back in. Yes, I’m back for Tokyo.

It seems we have an active board for the first time in god knows how long. Nice to see, especially at what’s usually the board’s holy grail time - Games time.

Okay, so how about a bit of fun for the games? Get the board rocking again.

I hereby announce the GamesBids Tokyo 2020+1 Sweepstakes.

It’s simple - put your name down here to be put in the draw for a national; team to support for the games. I will draw those names against the teams that finished at the top of the medal table at Rio 2016.

For example, if we get 10 people joining the sweep, they will get drawn one of the top 10 countries of Rio’s medal table.

At the end of Tokyo 2020+1, the countries’ medal tallies will be compared to how they went at Rio. Each country will be awarded 1 point for each bronze medal they won above what they got in Rio. 2 points for each silver above their Rio tally and 3 points for each extra gold won at Tokyo compared to Rio. The sweepstakes winner will be the one whose country has most improved since Rio.

See, simples. Sign up here, get drawn a country, and cheer your adopted team on to victory!

Feel free to get into the spirit of it too - feel free to support your adopted team in your signature, board icon or even a new board name for the duration of the games.

So, who’s in?



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7 hours ago, Sir Rols said:

No takers beyond WD? I was thinking we’d need at least 10 to get it up. And it’d be good to get going before the start of the games. Anyone else want in?

i will take part sir.... sounds fun :) 

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Well that’s six down - and Krow’s back. Tokyo really is giving this place a dead cat bounce.

I’m not lifting a finger though till we get 10. So, four more takers? Heck, in the unlikely event we get 20, we could get New Zealand and Canada into the mix…

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6 hours ago, Sir Rols said:

Just to explain to those unfamiliar with sweeps - you don’t get to pick a country. If, and that’s a big if, the steps go ahead, you’ll get drawn a random country.

that’s 7 then - three more till I actually go ahead with this.

dude you have to assign countries, just assign @Fastera country, south koera is going against the netherlands in archery and i don't know who to go for.

PS nobody is in the stands. serious Q, do jet and lily allen still get paid for the use of their songs during breaks? 

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