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Adelaide looking to bid again

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Even 2022 would be pushing it! I reckon we're looking at the 2030s before Oz can seriously expect to host again!

I doubt Sydney would be interested _ you host an OLympics and a CWGs is a step down. Anyway, we did it back in 1938. As Alexjc said, Adelaide just seems to "smack" CWGs _ the size, it's mprettiness,

Exactly, just like the IOC would gladly accept a bid from Manchester if it wanted to bid for 2016. Rogge would even go as far as saying that it had as much chance as the others and could organise an e

Just not a hosting I'd like to see anytime soon. Yeah, it would probably be fair for Adelaide to be Oz's next CWGs host... Sometime in the 2040s or 50s.

Frankly I'd just rather Sydney aim for 2038 in a refurbished Olympic Park. It would not only be 250 years since arrival, but the centenary of the 1938 Empire Games.
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Sydney 2038 would work being a full traditional cycle from 2018...But as we have seen, we get alot of tyre kickers but no takers. There were no takers for 1986 so Edinburgh had to step in.

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