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It's been a fun tournament, with the exception of those sad and uncertain moments after Christian Eriksen's collapse. I never cared for the Pan-European hosting concept, but it might have been for the best to have some distance between the venues. The action on the pitch was scintillating and nerve-wracking with the number of knockout matches requiring extra-time or penalties bearing testament to just how narrow the gap is between these teams. A person with only a passing interest would probably be surprised that Italy and England have only one Euro title between them.

Thanks to all the teams and players for giving us a wonderful month of football, a much needed diversion from today's realities. I'm going to hate to see it end.


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On 7/8/2021 at 8:08 PM, yoshi said:

I must hold my hand up, that was never ever a penalty :ph34r:

Personally, I thought the one in normal time was more of a penalty. But, rather like umpire's call in cricket, there didn't look to be anything that could clearly overturn the on-field decision for the one in extra time.


In many ways, Wednesday night was horrible. Having seen England lose the three major semi-finals they have contested in my lifetime, I was not at all confident, particularly considering Denmark beat us at Wembley last year and the momentum they clearly had after such a terrible start to the tournament. On the balance of the play, England probably did deserve to win the game. But we've felt like that in major championships many times before when it hasn't gone our way, so I wasn't prepared to take anything for granted.


I hope we win tomorrow, though I don't expect us to. For me, Italy have been the best team in this tournament on the field. But, in many ways, we've already won. This squad has achieved something that you have to be at least 60 years old to remember when it last happened - getting England to a major final. And in doing that, they have shown that better is possible, not just in football, but in life. At a time when my country is being governed by such a despicable bunch of political pipsqueaks, this squad, and their manager, represent everything that I want this country to be. 

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You mention the one in normal time should be a penalty. But it was a free kick to denmark 10-15 meters from the penalty. He blow the wissel on the same time as he felt in the penalty area... But many journalist miss that part... And when he has given Denmark a freekick, he cant afterwords give England a penalty, even if it was there are not. On less i mistake the rules, but i don´t believe he could have done that. 

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I didn't say it should have been a penalty. I said it looked more like a penalty than the one we were given. They're both the type that you're screaming for if it's for you, but absolutely furious if they're given against you. I wouldn't have put either of them in the 'should' category. Not that it matters now, of course, because the best team in the tournament won it in the end.

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