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Commonwealth Games Downsizing

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Exclusive: Commonwealth Games to downsize after Birmingham 2022

This whilst is sad, had to be done. We need to find more hosts for the games outside of the usual UK-Australia rotation.

What sports will get the chop?


Hoping this means the likes of Wales, New Zealand, Canada, Malaysia, Singapore, Asian nations, African nations, Pacific nations, Caribbean nations look to bid for the games.

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I think as others have said in the 2026 thread it's a downsizing of stadium requirements rather than sports which is most needed, but no doubt things could be trimmed too - although compared to other multi-sport events outside of the Olympics the Commonwealth Games has always been pretty restrained anyway.  


There were 18 in the Gold Coast, so trimming that to 15-16 wouldn't be that noticeable, though I think the core sports needs looking at and updated.   Cycling should probably be on there, even if the velodrome cost is often a stumbling block.  Lawn bowls - that could probably be sacrificed but is probably one of the cheapest to stage.  Indeed other than swimming and athletics most of the core sports would be at facilities you should be either have or be able to convert for community use before the games.

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