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Are Jamaica the true Olympic champions? Data suggests so...

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I've always wondered how well countries actually perform at Olympic games. The medal tables will tell you one story - always USA, China, Russia etc. However, these countries have huge advantages over some others. Namely money and population size. 

This research shows which countries out perform their status best - and I found it really interesting. 

The two variables looked at are:

  1. Gold medals per million people
  2. Gold medals per trillion dollars of national GDP

You can see the full research here and see where your country ranked on the table - https://bitedge.com/blog/which-country-really-wins-the-olympics/

Top performing nations:

:JAM Jamaica

:CUB Cuba

:PRK North Korea

Poorly performing nations:

:IND India

:CHN China


It's good to see a table which gives weighting to the smaller nations, although the data has only been collected since 1996 to eliminate USSR and give consistent results.

Are there any nations in there that surprised you? And is this research valid or are there flaws?

Can we really call Jamaica the greatest Olympic nation in the world?

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