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Hey Guys!

I am just wondering. Do you think that the next Olympics gonna be very different for the athletes? I am a sprinter myself and know that people on the side of the track always push me harder to the limits...

When there will be no people caused by Covid, will there be any record breaker in the next event?

I am pretty sure the next olympics gonna be very lame....

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Sport in general feels pretty lame without fans - football being the main example. 

I agree with you, the adrenaline that a capacity crowd will pump through athletes will absolutely give them an edge. Some football matches have been dreadful with teams accepting draws/defeats in the most mundane of ways. If fans were there would 30k people shouting at them spur them on? Absolutely. 

I think some events will be more impacted than others. Sprinting will be hampered, but then some of the smaller events may not see much difference.

At this stage though, I'm just looking forward to watching the greatest sporting event in the world - with or without fans (although with would be better).

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Hey there, 

i think as everything at the moment is so serious. There also should be something to laugh. Have you ever seen this movie about Asterix at the Olympics? 

Corona should give us all the time to laugh about such a movie. Have fun: https://latenightstreaming.com/de-de/film/asterix-bei-den-olympischen-spielen

Best wishes for all of you guys. Let's hope for a good Olympic Game - Maybe parts as funny as this movie. 


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