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IOC pushes back on idea of 2032 and 2036 double awarding of Summer Olympic Games


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The International Olympic Committee (IOC) Thursday rejected any chance that the 2032 and 2036 Summer Games could be awarded at the same time. During a presentation of the Brisbane 2032 Olympic bid that was elevated to the ‘targeted dialogue’ stage last month, Future Host Commission chair Kristin Kloster Aasen addressed the question that had apparently […]

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On 3/19/2021 at 1:01 AM, FYI said:

Yeah, right! “Behind closed doors deals” is the “new norm” over in Lausanne these days!! :P

The New Norm Olympic Bidding Rules changed 3 years ago and were announced to the world.

The biggest bidding changes in the history of the Olympic movement.

India, Hungary, Qatar and Rhine-Rhur, were you listening?

All four of you have literally been asleep for 3 years while Brisbane has been heading to the finish line. 

The world’s media has been reporting on Brisbane’s steady progress this whole time.

Don’t complain now because you’re so far behind, seriously.

Don’t blame the IOC, or John Coates, or the tooth fairy. 

Just read the damn rules and do better next time.

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