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14th GamesBids Summer Olympic Logo Comp - Ceremonie D'Annonce/Announcement Ceremony

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I promised there'd be Kylie, so here she is:


I also promised we'd be in Melbourne, but you voted us straight to the destination - welcome to Brisbane proper, and to the legendary Gabba:

But who will be so lucky (lucky, lucky, lucky) to win the comp? To find out, let's welcome another Aussie legend in her own right, live from her Melbourne mansion - the gladiolus queen herself, DAME EDNA!
Edna: G'day possums! It's been wonderful to see all your designs, but only one can win - I don't have much time here, I have to perform the royal duties that are expected of one, but I do have the pleasure of announcing that the only one of these logos with the glamour and sophistication worthy of yours truly is the one designed by that great gladiolus...




Yoshi: Thank you Dame Edna, you may now resume your important royal business. Yes, once again, we only needed one round to elect a champion, and although we're in Queensland, that champion is @Victorian! I believe this is also his first participation, meaning we've got two debutant winners :) The result of the only round was as follows:

A: 1 B: 0 C: 1 D: 6 E: 2

A clear majority for another one-and-done - don't like voting much, do you :p And that's it for the 14th annual comp, once again thank you to all our designers, who made this a strong field, whatever the landslide results may say. And of course thanks to all the voters too - not gonna lie, once again, I thought we'd only get 2 of each :p Particular thanks as always to @Sir Rols for the images, the polls, the help, and the closing act idea, not to mention @paul who extracted the images from imgur which let Rols do the grids. This might be a rare occasion where you didn't win, but you were still invaluable :) And of course congrats to our winner @Victorian again - plus our Milan champ @Jon Will Chambers !

Finally, before the 4X all round, our closer as suggested by Rols himself - Eurovision bendy-pole-whisperer and Brisbane girl Kate Miller-Heidke, with a song written specially* to celebrate 14 years of logo comp fun. THANK YOU AND GOODNIGHT!


*not written specifically...

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Congratulations Victorian, really well deserved! :D

There were some really good designs in these finalists, well done to all. But Victorian’s really hit all the right notes IMO. At a time where indigenous design is pretty well mandatory in anything like this Oz would put forward, his was the only one to incorporate them. And the colouring was spot on - for those who may not know, maroon is Queensland’s long-established sporting colours, so it was very fitting to use it. And while it wasn’t used in the poll, the Paralympic version showed how the old Aussie Green and Gold could be incorporated. Very impressive. 

I guess one thing the entries made clear is that Brisbane does have an image problem - it really needs to work a bit to get some recognisable icon besides the letter B or the Brisbane River.

Yoshi, you proved me wrong yet again!

I must admit, I was pretty disengaged with the comp this year (well, with the board in general). I even tried to gently discourage Yoshi from starting the comp at all - I thought no way it would work with so little life on then board. Still, he pressed ahead and I really stood back just expecting it to fizzle. So, well done for sticking to your guns Yoshi. It certainly exceeded my dire expectations.

I guess we’ll see what happens come December. 

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Thank you everyone!!!

I decided to focus on the shape of Queensland the state where Brisbane is the capital of. The shape of the state also is made to look like the Olympic flame. The indigenous patterns focus on two major hubs for the games where I'd assume most of the events would take place (if it expands outside Brisbane). South East and Far North. The Kangaroo i was a bit hesitant of putting on but thought it is the most recognisable icon for Australia across the globe. And yes, the colour for the Olympics focus on Queensland's maroon whilst the Paralympic focuses on a vibrant green and gold!

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