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14th GamesBids Winter Olympic Logo Comp - Ceremonie D'Annonce/Announcement Ceremony

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Yes, already:


At dawn, I shall win! I won't of course, I'm not in it, and it's also not dawn. But someone will - in fact, someone has! And we're in Milan's iconic and sadly soon to be gone San Siro stadium to find out whooooooo:

Stadio Meazza.jpg


To do the honours, let's introduce an unpredictable, inimitable man who has led a...colourful life while taking AC Milan right to the top of football and back down again. The king of the San Siro, please wel*splat*


Silvio Berlusconi (2010) cropped.jpg

Buonasera tutti! Benvenuti a Milano! I must-a be quick - I no expect to have to do cerimonia tonight, so I need to speed so I get to engagementi in casa mia with [CENSORED] to [MORE CENSORED]. With much hurry, for this 14th GB logo comp-a, il campione esse:



Yoshi: Oof, that hurt. When you meet Bach, try running round him, not through? Grazie Silvio I think. Anyway, yes we have a champion after just one round, and that champion is @Jon Will Chambers ! You obviously do think this comp is a very good idea, making it known by storming in and taking the title at your very first go. The results in Round 1 were: 

A: 1 B: 1 C: 1 D: 0 E: 0 F: 1 G: 5. 

A narrow majority, but still a majority, still enough. That's it for Part 1, thank you to all our designers, great to see such a large field at such a barren time on the board. And of course thanks to all the voters too - not gonna lie, I thought we'd only get 2 of each :p Particular thanks as always to @Sir Rols for the images, the polls and the help, and to @paul who extracted the images from imgur which let Rols do the grids. And of course congrats to our winner @Jon Will Chambers again. 

We'll start up Brisbane on Sunday or Monday (probably Monday again) to give some time for any very last-minute entries. Until then we'll end it with the world's best anthem, as it's meant to be heard, then...well we're in Italy, there's enough food for everyone! CIAO!


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Wow! I wasn't expecting that and so really great the deadline was extended! Otherwise it would have to have been another year before finally getting an entry in!

Massive thanks to everyone for your votes; and to all designers for making it a competition - and of course, to you guys for running a great competition. I'm mega excited to be joining the community again properly - and a nice way to do it!

Looking forward to voting on the Brisbane designs next week!


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