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Officials Douse Flames Under Proposed Chinese 2032 Olympic Bid

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Excitement surrounding a surprise announcement last week from Chinese city Chengdu that sport officials were about to launch a 2032 Olympic bid jointly with neighboring Chongqing has quickly fizzled out. Wei Jizhong, the former secretary general of the Chinese Olympic Committee (COC), downplayed the emerging proposal explaining that the event would be poorly timed and […]

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Well, for once they're smart and realize it is indeed way too soon. As for the "poorly timed" thing I guess they don't wanna do a bid now that overall paranoia of China has increased this year and a possible invasion of Taiwan might happen in the next couple of years.

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Good that they notice this. Announcing something to soon is never ideal. i guess at the moment everybody are slightly paranoid, no matter whether it will take place in China or not. Also maybe giving other country the chance to host might not be a bad idea, since the time gap of the two big events is not that much. Further than that, you still don't know whether the event for 2022 can take place at its fully capacity.

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