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Yeah, the look of the games was released last May, but I don't blame anyone for not noticing due to the current status of the Pandemic. Anyway.


Beijing Winter Olympics color system and core graphics release dynamic graphics for the first time in Olympic history



  China News Service, Beijing, May 8 (Chen Hang) On the 8th, the color system and core graphics of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympic Games were officially released. The color system includes three parts: main color, intermediate color and auxiliary color. The core graphic is the first dynamic core graphic in Olympic history.

  Designing and developing a unique set of Olympic color systems and core graphics to ensure the overall consistency of the brand, image and event landscape is one of the important contents of each Olympic image landscape work.


The picture shows the three tones of the core graphic. Photo courtesy of the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee

Color system includes main color, intermediate color, auxiliary color

  After excavating the representative colors in Chinese history, refining Chinese color culture and analyzing the urban colors of Beijing, Yanqing and Zhangjiakou, the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympic Games color system was designed, including the main The three parts are color, intermediate color and auxiliary color.

  The main colors of the Beijing 2022 Winter Paralympic and Winter Paralympic color systems include Xiaguang red, Yingchun yellow, Tianji blue, Great Wall gray, Ruixue white; Intermediate colors include sky blue, plum red, bamboo green, ice blue, ji ; Secondary colors include ink, gold, and silver. The color system can form a combined application through basic color system, adjacent color system and multi-color color system.

  The color system is inspired by the color of traditional Chinese mineral pigments. Mineral pigments are one of the most primitive expression materials used in human paintings, with a long history and stable physical properties that never fade. Chinese mineral pigments have been widely used in Chinese art works such as murals, sculptures, architecture, Chinese paintings, and Tangkas since ancient times. The design basis is derived from the study of traditional Chinese colors, and the color system based on the unique perception and philosophical thinking of the Chinese nation reflects the Chinese nation ’s survival experience and cultural psychology, and is of great cultural value.


he picture shows the core graphic animation still frame. Photo courtesy of the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee

  The choice of color system comes from the investigation of the winter colors of the three regions and the cultural colors of the Spring Festival. The colors of the city and the Spring Festival show the current appearance of man and nature, material and spirit, and the character and cultural characteristics of the city in the new era are an important basis for the color system. The color system is derived from the understanding of the traditional Chinese culture such as the four seasons of nature, the five directions of heaven and earth, and the twenty-four solar terms. It is divided into five main colors and five inter-colors. The main colors and inter-colors correspond to each other to form a new set of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics color system, which not only embodies the meaning of snow sports, green Olympics and high-tech Olympics, but also presents China's unique Spring Festival culture and Great Wall culture charm.

  The color system of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games is an important visual element and normative basis for constructing the overall image landscape of the Winter Olympics. The development of the color system is very important for creating a vivid and powerful Winter Olympics brand image. The selected colors should highlight and strengthen the spirit and cultural characteristics of the host country and host city, combined with the core graphics to further showcase the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics The vision and concept of the Winter Paralympic Games, in the fields of competition and non-competition venues, TV broadcasts, instruction systems, uniforms, ticket franchise products, celebration ceremonies, cultural activities, etc., play a role in raising the atmosphere of ice and snow sports, inspiring athletes to compete and spread The important role of Chinese culture.

The picture shows the core graphic animation still frame. Photo courtesy of the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee

The first dynamic core graphic in Olympic history

  The design inspiration for the core graphics of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympic Games comes from the traditional Chinese idea of "Dao Law, Nature and Man in One". With the help of scientific and technological means and computer-generated technology, the mountain and the Great Wall in the Beijing-Zhanghai region , And the symbolic culture of "Qianlijiangshantu" green landscape, dynamic and powerful lines, the charm of Chinese calligraphy, athletes' passion for competition, slides and cutting-edge technology on the field, forming a winter scenery with regional characteristics and Chinese charm , Presenting the concept of the harmonious coexistence of man and nature in the new era, and the construction of a community of human destiny.

  The innovation of core graphics is reflected in the following four aspects: one is dynamic-the first dynamic core graphics in the history of the Olympics; two is three-dimensional-core graphics with three-dimensional space; three is extensive-greatly expanded The scope of application and the use of space; the fourth is interactive-everyone participates in the Winter Olympics and shares the Winter Olympics.

  The core graphics can be combined with the color system to form different design solutions, which are widely used in various areas of competition venues and non-competition venues, as well as multiple business areas such as uniforms, licensed products, transportation, and urban landscapes.

  As an important component of the Olympic image landscape, the core graphic has a key role in connecting the Olympic image elements such as the Olympic emblem, mascot, sports icon, and slogan. The core graphics are mainly used in the Olympic Games venues, urban image landscape, celebration ceremonies, cultural activities and other fields, to create a vibrant stadium environment and urban celebration atmosphere, to inspire athletes, to satisfy the audience and visitors of the Olympic experience, and improve the effect of TV broadcast pictures. In addition, the core graphics will also be used in the design of landscapes or objects related to the Olympic Games, including competition venues, sports equipment, the Internet, TV broadcasts, guide signs, uniforms, advertisements, publications, certificates, tickets, etc., as well as Olympic partners, Sponsor image and design and development of Olympic licensed products. (Finish)

So, yeah, much like the LA'28 logo, they're going for the Dynamic graphics. Which means we're going to have a Look of the Games in motion for the venues. The following link has a video where you can see how the animation works.


More examples of the brand



Usage of the brand in merchandise:





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