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Jaca 's Bid


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Grows the popular enthusiasm in all Aragón by the Olympic bid Jaca 2014


The citizens seem to take the initiative. There are many that show their support and say to feel proud of the bid.

After the presentations made by the Mayor of the city, Enrique Villarroya, and the equipment of the candidacy in different cities of Aragón and yesterday to the Spanish Olympic Commitee (COE), are the citizens now who make arrive at Jaca 2014 the unconditional desire of its project is selected next 22 of June to the second phase of the candidacy process.

The Olympic office Jaca 2014 remembers that the result of the taken sounding end to first of year was demolishing, with a number of a 91.4 percent of support the Olympic project of the Aragoneses.

Neither of the cities which apply for the 2014 Winter Olympic Games of presents in its project a citizen support so elevated. In the case of Jaca 2014, according to the study made by the Aaragoza institute of opinion Chi-Cuadrado, in some altoaragonesas cities, like Sallent or Canfranc, the result was of a total support: 100%.

The last initiative of the City Council has been to send to all the residents of the city an explanatory pamphlet of the project that takes by title “The Olympic Games of the Pyreenes”. “We want to extend the message that our mountains, have a incalculable value from any point of view and they are deserved to organize for the first time a Winter Olympic Games”, affirms to Antonio Fernandez Arimany, manager of Jaca 2014.

Next 8 and 9 of June, the Palace of Congresses of Jaca, welcome the Hispanic-French small cities Meeting in which it hopes that the Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces (FEMP) is pronounced in favor of the candidacy.

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Jaca 2014 future events:

9 June:

8 and 9 June. Meeting of the Spanish-French Small Cities at Jaca Congress Centre

12 June:

Meeting of the Jaca 2014 Foundation Official Supporters at the Spanish Olympic Committee headquarters in Madrid

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The Generalitat of Catalunya offers its “collaboration without conditions” to Jaca 2014


The institutional endorsement of Jaca 2014 is one of the main arguments of the Olympic candidacy Jaca 2014. It has been from the beginning and it is it much more now, since the Generalitat of Catalunya, through Manuel Ibern, has assured its support without conditions.

“It is a dream that can be reached and that can consolidate the future paper of the Pyrenees as an excellent showcase of the vitality and the winter sports”, affirms Ibern in the letter that has sent to the City council of Jaca, in which he adds that the candidacy “is also our candidacy, the one of the Catalan sport”.

“I trust totally in its innovating, quality and sensible with the Olympic values project, it has sufficient guarantees to convince the International Olympic Committee".

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The FEMP announces the support to Jaca 2014 in the Hispanic-French Meeting of Small Cities


Jaca 2014 continues adding adhesions. Now it is the Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces the one that adds to the other institutions and organisms, and does, as its president says, "with all his forces". The event is celebrated in the Palace of Congresses of Jaca.

Galician Heliodoro, its president, has been forceful giving the reasons: “Jaca has worked hard and it is deserved”.

The meeting with almost 200 mayors of both countries, is developed in the Palace of Congresses of Jaca, that peculiarly is the office of the Olympic candidacy. The president of the FEMP, that on day 22 will visit King Juan Carlos in the palace of the Zarzuela and next he will interview with the president of the Government, Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, in the Moncloa palace, has assured that “he requests the support for the Jaca Olympic project with all the forces of the world”.

In its opinion, the project is not only good for the city, but for all Spain too. During this Hispanic-French meeting, the assistants will have the opportunity to see the works of the most emblematic venue of Jaca 2014, the Ice Palace, whose structure begins to emphasize after the installation of the gigantic arcs that will support the cover.

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Here are two audios about the bid, in spanish of course :D

In the first, Enrique Villarroya, Mayor of Jaca, explains the importance of the incorporation of Zaragoza to the Olympic project.

Audio 1

In the second one, Antonio Fernandez Arimany, director of Jaca 2014, explains the virtues of The Pyreenes for a different Olympic project.

Audio 2

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Jaca 2014 Gets Support From Catalonian Government


The general director of Sports of the Generalitat of Catalonia, Manuel Ibern, extended his department’s support for Jaca’s 2014 Winter Olympic bid to Jaca’s Mayor and President of Jaca 2014, Enrique Villarroya.

In a letter sent to Jaca City Council Ibern said Jaca hosting the Olympics is a dream within reach that can showcase the Pyrenees and the future of winter sports in the area.

He said he trusted fully that it is an innovative project of quality and sensitive to the Olympic values and has sufficient guarantees to convince the International Olympic Committee (IOC) that Jaca could occupy a place in history as a host city of an Olympic Games.

Meanwhile now that the eighth and last arc supporting Jaca’s new ice rink roof has been put in place work will soon begin on the inside of the venue.

M. Daniel Gutierrez, the architect involved in the construction of the facility said, “we are at the most complex part of the construction process but also is the most spectacular because we can see the great building dimensions and also permit a nearest look to its final aspect once the work’s finished”.

The arcs have a double function - to support the roof structure and to provide shelter from the weather. Once the installation is finished straps will be installed linking the arcs and supporting the roof.

The roof should be completed by the end of August and it is anticipated construction of the rink will be completed by the end of the year.

Jaca 2014 Website:

Jaca 2014 excellences exhibit on a multitudinous presentation in Madrid


Within just 17 days to know the results of the International Olympic Committee selection, Jaca 2014 presented its credentials in Madrid accompanied by M. Jaime Lissavetzky, who did not stint his praises for the project and the team.

M. Jaime Lissavetzky, Spanish Sport Secretary of State and Vice President of Jaca 2014 Olympic Foundation, did not spare on praises for the aragonese bid that is entering on the final stage of the selection procedure first phase with its obligations accomplished. This morning at the press conference held on the Spanish Olympic Committee (COE) headquarters, the maximal responsible on the Spanish Sport said “that is the Jaca stronger candidature never presented”.

On its first presentation to the Madrid society since its creation, Jaca 2014 project display the principal bid arguments, denominated on those last months as “the Pyrenees Olympic Games”. The Aragonese bid, on the words of the Mayor of Jaca, M. Enrique Villarroya, “realised how to incorporate in due course all the cities and institutions supporting the bid, allowing us to talk about a project of Aragon in hall and the whole Spain”.

Accompanying the Mayor on the event were the project General Manager, M. Antonio Fernandez Arimany, the President of the Spanish Winter Sports Federation, M. Eduardo Roldán and the President of the Athletes Commission, the Alpine Skiing ex-Olympic Ms. Ana Galindo. M. Fernandez Arimany on his speech insisted con the candidature key concept: “Two clusters, one axis, that is the cities of Saragossa and Jaca linked both by the high speed train and the motorway”. Jaca 2014 General Manager looks convinced that in the future “any one needing to move between those cities will do it on 45 min. by train or in one hour by car”.

That is the point considered as key on the near Lausanne decision, on M. Fernandez Arimany opinion. “I am sure that our conception on how to move the spectators from Saragossa satisfied the International Olympic Committee (IOC). “It is innovative and with great possibilities. We planned Games without private cars, as winter increases the problem. The train is safest, faster and the most advisable mean of transport on behalf of the environment”.

M. Jaime Lisavetzky also talks about others existing projects for the winter sports,”allowing us to send a message on the Spanish bet for the snow and ice sports: the separation of the national federations, the YEOF next year, the first winter athletes awarded by the ADO plan, the construction of the new Ice Palace at Jaca that will be impressive, the near to come High Performance Centre for the winter sports in Jaca and of course the Jaca 2014 Olympic Bid”.

For the Mayor of Jaca, who also wanted to thanks the Mayor of Madrid, M. Alberto Ruiz-Gallardon, for his kind words few days ago, the candidature is strong and competitive. M. Villarroya stressed again on the great possibilities to be selected: “I am sure that on 17 days Jaca will be nominated as candidate city”.

M. Alejandro Blanco, conference host, talks about the COE and Jaca 2014 common efforts for the last months. And did it using a very significant sentence: “We walked together, we walk together and we will walk together until Jaca reaches its purpose as host city for the winter Olympic Games”.

Jaca 2014 is on the final stage of this first phase of this candidature procedure for the winter Olympic Games 2014. On its schedule still remain few activities to carry out on the next days. This week, at the Congress Centre of Jaca, the city host the Spanish-French Small Cities Meeting, and next Monday 12 the COE will host the last meeting of Jaca 2014 Foundation Official Supporters before de selection date on 22 June.

At the conference press were also presents the president of the Guatemala Olympic Committee, M. Fernando Beltranena, who oddly will be the responsible to organize the IOC session on 2007 on which the host city for the winter Olympic Games 2014 will be selected. To arrive to the capital of Guatemala, the seven applicant cities must be nominated as candidates cities on the next selection on 22 June.

Besides Jaca, that is on its fourth application after the failed 1998, 2002 and 2010 bids, there are also Almaty, Borjomi, PyeongChang, Salzburg, Sochi and Sofia.

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Graphs about the interested people in Jaca 2014 in the World, in Spain and in Aragón.

Interested people in Jaca 2014 in the world:


Spain is the country most interested in Jaca 2014 of course.

Interested people in Jaca 2014 in Spain:


Surprisingly, Aragon is not the most interested Community in Spain. Catalunya, and Anadalucia are even more interested in the bid, this shows the great Spainsh support to the project.

Interested people in Jaca 2014 in Aragon:


Zaragoza, the capital of Aragon is the most interested in the bid.

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This are web-site statistics, right?

If so, I have an explanation for the fourth place of Bulgaria in the world ranking :)

These statistic have appeared in the Jaca Blog, but the blog must have found them in google. I don't know how the statstics have been made, maybe they are web-site statistic, I don't know...

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Last meeting of the Patronage of the Olympic Foundation Jaca 2014


Las Cortes de Aragón will interrupt their activity 22-J at 1 of afternoon to know the luck of Jaca 2014.

The last meeting of the Patronage of the Olympic Foundation Jaca 2014 has shown the hope that the project makes the shortlist the week next. The political class and the Jaca 2014 Patronage will see jointly it in Las Cortes de Aragón.

The channel Aragón Television negotiates these days with the IOC the availability of the signal for the event, that would be offered in direct for all Aragón.

In case Jaca 2014 passes the cut, the following day will be organized a popular celebration in Jaca so that all the citizens can celebrate the success.

The meeting, held in this occasion in the buiding of the Spanish Olympic Committee, has been headed by the State Secretary for Sports, Jaime Lissavetzky, and by the Education, Culture and Sport Minister of the Aragon's Government, Eva Almunia. In addition, Enrique Villarroya, the mayor of Jaca, the president of the COE, Alejandro Blanco, the vice-president of the Internacional Paralympicc Committee, Miguel Sagarra, the manager of Jaca 2014, Antonio Fernandez Arimany, among others have been present.

The Jaca 2014 Foundation has shown its hope in following ahead, since, like they have said in numerous occasions, Jaca has presented this year a project that fulfills all the requirements demanded by the IOC.

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Jaca 2014 Website:

Aragon Parliament will interrupt its activity on 22 June at 13.00 h. to know Jaca 2014 fate


The last meeting of the Jaca 2014 Olympic Foundation Board, shows up again the existing aims on the project selection next week. The political class and the board will follow it up together from the Aragon Parliament, on Plenary session this day.

Jaca 2014 Olympic Foundation Board approved this afternoon the attendance of all its board, together with the Aragon political class, concentrated next 22 June at the last Aragon Parliament plenary session of the season, to the ceremony where M. Jacques Rogge will nominate the cities passing to the second phase on the Winter Olympic Games 2014 candidature procedure. If the Parliament rules allow it, the parliament members will interrupt their habitual activity to follow out in live by TV those results of great interest for Jaca, Zaragoza and all Aragon.

The public Administration main representatives will meet this day in Aragon. Travelling to the Swiss city, by express decision of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), is allowed only for the seven bids technical team representatives.

The autonomic TV channel Aragon TV is nowadays negotiating with the IOC the availability of the event multilateral signal, to offer it in live to Aragon. The ceremony, held at the Chateau du Vidy hall in Lausanne will start at 13.00 h.

In the city of Jaca, if Jaca 2014 Olympic bid is nominated on the 22nd, a popular party will be organize next day to allow every citizen to celebrate the success. Mayor of Jaca, M. Enrique Villarroya, wants to count on the greatest number of citizens possible to share will all of them a moment he thought will be historic.

Jaca has been applicant on three more times to organize the winter Olympic Games, but till this moment never has been selected.

The meeting, held this time at the Spanish Olympic Committee (COE) headquarters, was attended by most of the Foundation board, headed by the Sport Secretary of Estate, M. Jaime Lissavetzky and by the Counsellor of Education, Culture and Sport of the Aragon Government, Ms. Eva Almunia. There were also presents M. Enrique Villarroya, the Vice Mayor of Zaragoza, M. Carlos Pérez Anadón, the COE president, M. Alejandro Blanco, the Vice president of the International Paralympic Committee, M. Miguel Sagarra, the Sport General Manager of the Superior Sport Council, M. Rafael Blanco, the Jaca 2014 General Manager, M. Antonio Fernández Arimany, and many others.

Once again the unity around this project was showed up on this meeting of the Olympic bid main decision body. There will be no more board meetings before the selection, programmed for the 22 June. All of them manifested their aim to follow up, as, as they said in many occasions, the project submitted by Jaca this year fulfil all the IOC requirements.

They also debated about the Jaca 2014 bid conditions for the second phase, if selected, as evidently this first phase and the second one have nothing in common. The Candidature File preparation, the organization for the Evaluation Commission visit and the arrangements for the events to be held at the IOC session in Guatemala, where the final decision about the city to host the winter Olympic Games 2014 will be take, constituted the three great moments of a very exigent phase in all senses.

The first public appearance of the cities selected at Lausanne will be in Vancouver at the beginning of July. The IOC planned the organisation of the seminar to study the latest winter Olympic Games, hold in Turin, at the 2010 host city, following with the custom set up few years ago. Along this Canadian summit no project presentation is still allowed.

At the beginning of October, the international promotion will be open for the candidate cities, till this moment it is forbidden.

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Jaca 2014 Board To Attend 2014 Candidature Selection


The Jaca 2014 Olympic Foundation Board has approved the attendance of its entire board at the selection of the candidate cities for the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Lausanne Switzerland on June 22.

Aragon TV is negotiating with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to offer the ceremony live on Aragon television, and if parliamentary rules allow it, the members of Parliament will watch the procedure.

If Jaca is selected as a candidate for the 2014 Games on June 22 a party will be organized for all Jaca’s citizens to celebrate its success. Jaca’s Mayor M. Enrique Villarroya wants the greatest number of citizens possible to share what he calls a historic moment.

Jaca has applied for the Winter Games on three other occasions but has never been selected.

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Jaca Citizens To Watch 2014 Selection Short List On Giant Screen


Residents of Jaca will be able to watch the 2014 Winter Games short list ceremony being held in Lausanne on June 22 in Jaca’s conference centre on a giant screen.

Admission will be free and the doors of the centre will be open to everyone.

Jaca’s mayor Enrique Villarroya said he wants the conference centre to be bursting with people during the event.

If Jaca makes the short list a celebration will be held the next day.

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I like the "new logo" :D:D

Jaca, like the others bids, has worked a lot and it deserves making the shortlist.

I think we'll pass, although we won't win in Guatemala City. B)

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I think we'll pass, although we won't win in Guatemala City. B)

I also think that Jaca will pass, but everybody knows that winning the 2014 race is very difficult for Jaca. If Jaca makes the shortlist there will be a possibility for a future bid, but if Jaca doesn't make the shortlist we will have to wait a long time to see a new Jaca's bid.

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Flurry Of Activity Ahead Of 2014 Olympic Games Short List



The Quebrantahuesos bicycle race that took place in an area where Jaca would host the 2014 Games if selected, had a record number of participants this year. 7,907 cyclists took part in the event and 7,142 completed what is considered Spain’s top race in its field and the third in the world.

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The main responsibles of Jaca 2014 will travel tomorrow 20th of June to Lausanne


Antonio Fernández Arimany, director of Jaca 2014, will travel tomorrow to Lausanne with the Spanish Winter Sports Federation President, Eduardo Roldán. Víctor Sánchez and Carlos Martín, will travel on Wednesday.

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Alejandro Blanco, President of the Spanish Olympic Committee, will follow in Zaragoza the proclamation of the candidate cities for the 2014 Winter Olympic Games

The president of the Spanish Olympic Committee, Alejandro Blanco, will travel on Thursday 22 to the city of Zaragoza to follow the act of proclamation of the candidate cities, the Sports Secretary of State will be also present as the Mayor of Jaca.

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PyeongChang, Jaca, Sochi, Prepare For 2014 Winter Bid Short List Announcement


Just hours before the International Olympic Committee (IOC) announces its short list for the 2014 Winter Olympic Games, PyeongChang 2014 bid chairman Seung-soo Han said, “we expect the IOC to deliver us good news on 22nd June and also will respect the decision by the IOC”.

He added, “we did best to answer the IOC Questionnaire with help from experts in various fields and offered the best possible dossier to the IOC”.

Gangwon Provincial Governor Jin-sun Kim, Executive President of the bid committee said, “we have been carrying forward not only with all of plans for improving our infrastructure including venue facilities and the transportation network, but also with our projects to promote winter sports, including the Dream Program, one of our commitment to the IOC”.

Kim added “…we will take the lead in promoting winter sports around the world as well as spreading the Olympic Movement if PyeongChang is honoured as a Candidate City”.

PyeongChang 2014’s bid chairman and Director General for International Relations Gang-ro Yoon will represent PyeongChang 2014 at the IOC announcement in Lausanne.

If Jaca is awarded the 2014 Winter Games the city will hold the event between January 31 and February 16, 2014.

Jaca 2014's dossier has been changed and now Zaragoza will be the main venue for the ice sports and the city of Huesca will accommodate the athletes and visitors to the Games.

Zaragoza is 140 km from Jaca and the bid committee hopes to convince the IOC and its President Jacques Rogge that Zaragoza is only 45 minutes from Jaca by rail. Also Expo 2008 is being held in Zaragoza and Jaca would likely use Zaragoza’s facilities and benefit from its international exposure.

Meanwhile Sochi’s Mayor Viktor Kolodyazhny attended a ceremonial groundbreaking to mark the beginning of construction on a new highway, one of the projects in the Federal Target Program (FTP) for the development of Sochi 2006-2014.

The program, formally approved less than two weeks ago and spearheaded by the Russian government, serves as the foundation of Sochi’s 2014 bid and commits public and private funding for the 2014 Winter Games.

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Well, Nostradamus is predicting a Jaca win:

""In the sixth month of 2006 the King of Spain will cross the Pyrenees with his troops.

``The legions of Beelzebub will battle him in central Europe but the evil ones will suffer doom and destruction.

``The Holy Grail will then come, like the King, to Spain''

May I also wish goodluck to the Jaca supporters here. Hope your wishes are realised!

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