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Yeay! NEW logo contest! Will Putin develop new virus for 2021?

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So, immediate fall-out from the postponement:

1.  2021 needs a NEW logo!  I think the dumb 2020 logo was bad luck.  Will GamesBids provide a new logo for 2021?

2.  Did Kremlin-Putin scheme with "No-Olympics" to scuttle 2020?  I think so.   As we speak, Putin is probably ordering Russian labs to develop a new virus to also scuttle new Year's games until Cheatin' Russia will be allowed back in once more.  Other views?

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/\/\ I'm good with that!  I want the Official drONE franchise!!  ;) 

Or they could simply make them "TOKYO 2020+1."  It'll make things off-center but it might work.  I hope Eugene had not started on all its printed material -- although of course, that is where Team USA will probably hold its Olympic qualifying meet; OK, so no waste for the "Eugene 2021" material.  

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