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Paris 2024 Presentation

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15 hours ago, Ikarus360 said:

Official youtube channel of Paris 2024 has uploaded the presentation.

National Anthem (a very beautiful rendition. After all, we're talking about THE national anthem, so they couldn't butcher this)

And the presentation. Shame that the Pandemic forced them to make the Handover on this style, but neverthless, I feel it was very professional and not cringe at all. I trust Paris will do something with style in 2024.


Loved the anthem, very well done.

And even if the flag was a cgi stand in it worked.

The BMXing around the city roofs whilst sports were happening below felt like a video presentation from a bidding city (remember those?) rather than something for a ceremony. But - as with all the ceremonies at these Games - I'm not going to be too critical given the restrictions they were working with. It was slick enough.

Loved seeing the crowds in Paris, and I kind of hope - timezones permitting - cutting to crowds in the next host city becomes embedded in the handovers from now on.

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Thank God, most people take away the melody of the Marseillaise becuz the lyrics are bloody BLOODY - The Reign of Terror!  

The Paris clip didn't hold up well on a 2nd viewing.  One has seen all those sights before -- except who's going to go to the roof of La Stade France or the Grand Palais.  Except for the CGI "flag" attached to the Eiffel, how come there weren't other CGIs of where the various venues would be?  I thought that was one of the best parts of NBC's coverage of Tokyo -- that map which showed were the various venues were in relation to the city.  And you have the flybys-- been there; done that.  NOT EVEN the new museums of the Paris - the LVMH (maybe not a sponsor?) one in the Bois du Boulogne or the new one of Arnaud (in the old Bourse).  

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So we have some information on the Paralympic handover.
Prologue by Woodkid makes a return, Sadeck Berrabeh will produce a sequence. There will also be a sign language version of the French anthem performed by Betty Moutoumalaya and the finale will feature music by DJ Pone, founder of the Fonky Family collective.


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