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Who's Still Going to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics?

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I'm shocked that there isn't a thread on this topic.  I know there's a thread on media coronavirus news, but I want to know from you guys HERE.  To those who were planning on going for a long time now...since October 2018 for me...are YOU still going?  So far, as you know, the Omypics isn't canceled yet.

This is a dream trip for me & fiance' & I have put in about $12,000 into this trip.  IF the Olympics IS canceled, Cosport, the company who sells the sports tickets doesn't seem to be budging regarding any kind of refund.  I'll still have to find out from my airline I got the plan tickets from.  Lastly, the co. I've paid the bulk of my money w/ is trying to see about things.  The latest is that they offered us some kind of travel insurance, yet the insurance's policy states that:

  1. If a PANDEMIC situation occurs, this would NOT be covered under this policy.
  2. If the Olympics are canceled, but travel is not restricted, then this would NOT be covered under this policy.

Are we even going to be able to get on a plane to still fly there?  They may be restricting flying people to Japan and other highly affected countries.

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At the moment, I think the situation is changing so much day by day that we simply can't tell where we're going to be by mid-July. I wasn't planning to go to Tokyo this year (Paris 2024 is more likely), but there are a number of events I'm planning to attend within the UK over the coming months and I don't think any of us can be confident that the events we want to attend won't be disrupted.

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Thanks for replying.  To me, it's looking pretty bleak right now.  Just today, Trump stated that this uncertain time when eveyrthing's shutting down may go through July/Aug.  So there's goes the Olympics.  Sure, I hope we all still get to go for those who had planned it.  But I don't want things to start being fine just a week beefore the Olympics either.  I'd still be wary to travel then.

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