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What If Olympics ceremonies Toronto 2008


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The idea is to make our own concepts for a opening  or closing ceremonies of the Olympics.

So my idea if 2008 Toronto was real would be, where it can parts about fur trade playing out in a  way like the  London 2012 industrial reevaluation was. Maybe a part about classic Canadian TV part because   the CBC and OTv head office is in Toronto. A area on hockey. The anthem can be done by Cline Dion.  The cauldron can by in the shape of a maple leaf.


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Had Beijing hosted the 2000 Games Toronto Canada hosting the 2008 Games with London still hosting the 2012 games there could be a massive Royal family thing for the ceremonies.

I could imagine they would have Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh Opening up the games like he did in Melbourne 1956 follow on the past host Greece his Grandfather opened up the first Olympic Games in Athens 1896, Queen Elizabeth 2 would have attended the closing ceremony doing a speech welcoming the world to London in the handover ceremony. 

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