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3th Summer Olympic Logo Comp - Ceremonie D'Annonce/Announcement Ceremony

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It's been a long old road to get here, but we made it!



It might not technically be Cairo, but where could be more fitting for the crowning of our new pharoah than the Valley of the Kings here in one of the planet's most ancient cities, LUXOR!


We have one aim in mind - to crown the 13th Gamesbids Summer Olympic Logo Comp champion, & since I don't like wasting time, let's introduce the man who's going to do the deed, Egypt's most famous Egyptian - Tutankhamun Omar Sharif Mohamed 'Mo' Salah!

Mohamed Salah 2018.jpg

Mo: Good evening everyone, very nice to see you. After 5 logos were turned into mummies, only 2 remain. But only one can score the goal, & rise to the top of the league/Giza pyramid. Ony one can be the pharoah, while the other must head to the tomb. Only one can (Get on vith it, I need you back playing ze fussball - Jurgen Klopp). Oh, ok. With no further delay, the champion hieroglyphic of 2020 belongs to:



Yoshi: Thank you Mr Salah. If you could take your time over getting back to Liverpool, there's a chance Arsenal might keep our unbeaten season record :P. Yes, it has finally happened. The old adage that those who can, do, & those who can't, organise, has been disproved as Gamesbids' finest wombat, @Sir Rols, takes his very first title. Once again, apologies for the lack of a proper picture with Mo, caused by technical issues, Rols' Mac being broken to be precise. I hope he gets it fixed (Sydney must have an Apple Store, surely), although perhaps it was a curse on his chances before...dur dur duuuuur! Well, it was Comp 13. As for scores, we had 5 votes in the end, & I was narrowly saved from the hell of actually having to make a decision:

A: 3. B: 2.

Close, but clear.

So, that was the lengthened, lowkey, quiet, almost embarrassing but ultimately successful 13th Gamesbids Olympic Logo Comp. I can't tell a lie & say it lived up to the thriving comps of old, but we still had a field, we still had some votes, & ultimately as long as we have those, we have a comp. With that in mind, thank you to everyone who submitted and/or voted in the comp. Of course the main problem is that the forum's raison d'etre has well & truly gone the way of the dodo. But, a champion is still a champion, & this year's spoils belong to @Sir Rols & @paul. And the special thanks this time go to the same people, Rols for the thread-starting, vote getting, venting space as always, & Paul for saving the comp with his making the grids in absence of Rols' Mac. Just please mate, next time, don't leave it so late -_-

So there we go, that's that. If we do this again, if the board still has some life in it, it will be at the same time again, December 2020, & I have plans for us to go on a European odyssey...shut up yoshi, can't say more yet! Until then, congrats again to Rols & Paul, & I'm told the Sphinx has something for us...

FAREWELL/توديع - فراق!

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OMG!!!! You like me! You really like me!!!


i really, really never ever expected to win one of these things. I really don’t think i deserve to even be in the same ranks as any of the past winners.

@yoshi stole my words, but it’s true - those who can, do., while those who can’t, organise the comp. and i do feel awkward snatching this off @JDCLauron - sorry mate, you deserve to be here just as much, if not more, than me. and if it had been a tiebreak situation I doubt, and even hope, I wouldn’t have been here now in this position. But, yes, it feels great, and on Valentine’s Day no less! Now if only I can get my Mac working so I can put mine and @paul ’s names and logos on the Victors’ Signature Banner.

Thanks to all who voted - not just for me, but to anyone who clicked on a preferred entry in any of this year’s poll rounds. And especially thanks to everyone who did enter - there wouldn’t be a comp without you being willing to put your graphics skills in front of everyone to judge.

So we come to the end of a long, hard slug to actually get this year’s comp done and dusted. And at times it felt like pulling teeth to get it progressing at all. Yoshi deserves a heartfelt tribute for making it happen - his relentless optimism and determination to see it happen trumps my pessimism every time. Thanks mate! Actually, i must confess, i almost gazumped him and thought about coming back out of retirement and launching this comp on my own around Halloween time last year - the theme of spooky towns for the 13th comp appealed to me. But in the end, I didn’t want to steal Yoshi’s thunder (and was probably too lazy in my retirement anyway).

And a special mention to Paul for entering again (it always feels more “official” when you step up to the plate) and for stepping in to help when my tech travails happened at the worst possible time. Thanks soooooo much!

anyway, it’s off to get myself a mojito and a fag and enjoy the after party!


Thanks again everyone!





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...congratulations @Sir Rols...that's pretty awesome, I love your lotus logo! All the logos were cool even in a slow year..congrats to all who shared their creative ideas....it's always so amazing to see how each person approaches the brief! I wish everyone visiting would vote but even when it was a busy board sometimes few voters participated, people are just not into ticking that box I guess. Thank you @yoshi for making a cool comp....you made it so fun and I'm happy I got to join in.......


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