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Huh.... but yeah. Let’s face it, Greece is always keen on this. Whether it will ever happen is, well,. I’d usually say unlikely, but who knows what the future will bring top the games.

Anyway, again, this is just an attention seeker. And again i apologise trying to get your attention. 

But we are now in the final poll of 3the final round of this year’s logo comp. And it’s been hard work to actually make it happen this year. And now, we are poised for a decision, and that decision may be decided by THREE... yes, that’s 3... votes in total. It just seems a bit, I dunno, it just doesn’t sit right tp have it decided on such a small vote base.

These comps used to be a big popular and keenly contested event here. Sadly, like the board as a whole, it seems to be past the glory days. But I’d just appeal to you, let’s give it one more go. Click on the link below and then choose a logo to vote for. Two clicks, simple.

As I’ve said before, please do it for old time’s sake.

Thanks to everyone who has participated and voted so far. Really much appreciated.

Anyway, here’s the link. You know the drill, click and vote and thanks!



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