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How to expand the Handball tournament

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I think only 12 teams in the Handball tournament is to few. It is to easy for top nations to miss getting to the Olympic. I think 16 teams would be a better match, and i believe it stille can be done over the games with the same amount of matchdays. 

Now we have 2 groups of 6 teams. 4 goes by to quater finals.  With the finals it gives 8 matchdays. 

I want 2 have 4 groups of 4 teams. 3x4 teams go by 2 another group fase, with 2x6 teams per group, points from the team you have you take with, and only play the new 3 teams. Then the 2 best teams from each to semifinals, and finals, total 8 matchdays.

Now nations outside of Europe play qualification with European nations. I think that 2 of the 4 extra places should go to nations outside Europe, and 2 more for Europe. 

But it will increase the number of matches from 6 to 8 per day. It can not be done in the same arena. And therefor we need an extra... Oh no you think, we don´t need more venues. Well i think we have a venue that we don´t use in the beginning.

The velodrome! The track cycling start monday in the second week. Handball only need to play there until thursday in the first week. Is that not time enough to rearrange the center of the floor to the track cycling? 

What about volleyball and basketball you think. Well i don´t know those sports very well, and can´t judge if those sports also are very tight and could use 4 more teams. But if they could, I have a crazy idea. Handball arena have 3 sessions per day, with 2 matches... Could it be possible to make a session fra 8 to 12 with 2 handball maches. A session from 14-18 with to basket matches, and af session from 20-24 with 2 volley matches at the same arena? you have 2 hours to switch the floor… Could that be possible? 


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Venue issues aside, 4 more teams means about 50 more athletes (100, as women’s tournament for gender equality would need expansion too). Plus of course coaches etc for the extra teams

I don’t think the IOC would be too thrilled by this idea.

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