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Indonesia To Ramp Up 2032 Olympic Games Bid By Campaigning At Tokyo 2020 Games

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Indonesian Olympic officials have entered the New Year with a clear strategy to ramp up its fledgling 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games bid and to reduce the early lead taken by Australian rivals in the race. Indonesian Olympic Committee (KOI) Chief Raja Sapta Oktohari said in Jakarta Tuesday that his nations’ athletes a preparing for […]

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Jakarta is a non-starter and the IOC will politely tell them not to go ahead with this. I've said before, the IOC needs solid bids with minimal finance for venue and infrastructure construction., not to mention security. That rules out the likes of Indonesia, India, all of South America and Africa. Realistically, the IOC is probably only seriously considering bids from the following regions/countries

USA, Australia, Japan, Korea, China, Western Europe, Russia (doping scandal could be an issue here). That's it. I cannot see the IOC taking any chances on going to the developing world after the Rio debacle which was worse than Athens and I don't see them entertaining the likes of Budapest and Belarus in Eastern Europe either. Makes sense why an Australian bid is a big favorite right now.

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I guess Bach may offer Jakarta the idea to campaign for the Youth Summer Olympics instead, especially with the Chinese support. Betting the Youth Games will be like that - "consolation prize"

Now, I wonder if Bach will convince a Western Europe (aka Madrid or Germany) and Seoul (without North Korea and the scandal of WADA behind) to stay in the race in case of Brisbane drop out or for future negotiations to 2032 and 2036 events as back up plan. 

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