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13th Annual GamesBids Olympic Logo Design Competition

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Ah, great to see you in the mix Paul!

Okay, I’ve got an SOS call to make. My Mac has died on me. I can still do everything else that i need to do to get a poll started, but my Mac had all my graphics stuff on it. Would some mind soul be able to assist???? Pretty Please?????

All I need done is for someone to gather all the winter logos together and put them into a grid - with A, B, C or D next to each one. Like I’ve done in the past for the poll rounds. Then just send the image with the logos together  via PM to me. As soon as i have that I can begin the poll.

I’d need the same done for the summer logos too down the road, but we can wait for that until Winter’s settled (which should give Paul a few more days to put his mark on that side as well).

Any takers?

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Thanks Paul.... and if you wanna throw a surprise Bucharest in the grid i doubt anyone would be aggrieved.

Alas, dear Mac, we’ve been through such good times together. And so much stuff on it i don’t wanna lose. And i was gonna photoshop Bach’s head onto Frankenstein’s monster. Oh well....

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6 hours ago, yoshi said:

Oh you already did it. @paul if you wanna have a finger in all the pies, you’ll have more time for New Orleans than for Bucharest. Winter’s done first :) 

ok cool.......that will be my only winter entry but I have a New Orleans logo that I'll post later tonight after the game if that's OK?

19 hours ago, JDCLauron said:

Yo, @paul!! Where were you?!

@JDCLauron the last couple months were full tilt...i didn't think i could get it together but glad to have made it in!

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