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Rugby World Cups 2027-31

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16 minutes ago, yoshi said:

Then Russia 2035 to continue following the Olympics lol :lol: Could actually happen - 2 in a row is coincidence, 5 or even 4 in a row would look like a test event. 

was literally thinking Rugby WC 2035 and Summer games in St Petersburg 2036 would be the perfect closer Putin's reign lol.

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On 10/23/2021 at 2:40 PM, iceman530 said:

Australia 2027, USA 2031 looks likely.  My jaw would drop if Russia won either one of those bids.

I've got no qualms about Australia hosting in 2027. It'll be a great RWC no doubt. I'd very much like to see the USA host but I also want to see an Eagles team that can get out of the first round. 2031 is more likely than 2027. The issue I see is World Rugby is still very much, as some Americans would say, a good ole boys club. There's not a lot of vision in terms of growing the game other than lip service. That's part of the reason the world cup has so many lopsided matches in pool play. There's a huge gap between the haves and have-nots. Sure, the world cup went to Japan and is set to be followed up by a traditional host in France, but the same hosts seem to be recycled (I thought 2023 was a perfect opportunity for Ireland yet that bid was somehow ranked behind South Africa which is a real headscratcher). Granted the other option was Russia, but I thought had Argentina managed to stay in this it would've been a great opportunity to not only grow the sport but host it in a country whose had success on the world stage. My understanding is World Rugbys' Agustin Pichot pushed Argentina to abandon their bid. 

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