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Paris 2024's Official Mascot

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On 11/1/2019 at 6:30 AM, Ikarus360 said:

As one of the main producer of european comics, they should just stick with their BD characters or make one inspired on these. How about bringing back good old Asterix to represent Paris , like he did on the ill fated 1992 bid.

LOL - ill fated 1992 bid.  They were own-goaled as soon as they let Albertville run for the Winter Games - allowing Samaranch an easy way to give Barcelona the Summer Games.

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Personally,   believe  they should use endangered animals as mascots.  It brings education of different animals around the world and you can use part of proceeds for merch to help endangered animals in the area.

Image this dude in a beret.




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On 4/15/2021 at 6:20 PM, baron-pierreIV said:

Mascots are for moments of fun not being too consciencious and all PC.  

Political Correctness has been in cartoons for a good while (see Steven Universe for example) so it's a high possibility this happens in France. Not even cartoons like Bluey can escape it.


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On 3/7/2022 at 6:25 PM, AliciasBlade said:

I think they might be revealed in late 2022.

Tokyo revealed theirs shortly after PC 2018 ended, so maybe Paris will do the same and reveal theirs after Beijing ends

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I wonder why various Olympic games over the past 20 years have so underwhelmed me. But, damn, I totally forgot about this mascot.

I don't think that if 2024 goes with a hat, that will be any worse.



I recall the 1996 games had something called "Izzy."

Hey, Olympic organizing committees: Crack is wack.



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