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Best ps4 games to play?

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For die-hard gamers, ps4 is a blessing. But finding a perfect ps4 is not that easy as it sounds. That is why we have picked top 3 ps4 games that will make you stick to your PlayStation for hours. From adventurous to action-packed games we have it all.

1.God of war

2.Horizon zero down

3.Red Dead Redemption 2

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Red Dead Redemption 2 - I am so addicted to this game. Playing on 3440x1440p and the game is so damn beautiful. I love taking in the scenery and stroll with my lovely horse. I don't know what it is, but my pure nerd soul has arrived. If you want to experience the same vibe as RDR2 on Android phones, I would recommend the ASSASSIN'S CREED series on Apknite. 

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For me, it's Horizon Zero Dawn. The sheer beauty of the world the developers created sucks you in for hours at a time. The innovative gameplay and intense storyline keeps you hooked and wanting more.

The most memorable experience was my first encounter with a Thunderjaw. I've never experienced anxiety from a game like that since Fatal Frame.

happy wheels

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