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BidWeek: The IOC Has Changed, Shouldn’t Anti-Olympic Activists Change Too?


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BidWeek – Reporting From Toronto, Canada –  Recently, anti-Olympics activists have forced massive reform within the Olympic Movement, and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has responded to concerns by significantly changing the way it selects host cities for the Games. The activists have accomplished so many important goals, proving that their efforts are valid, change […]

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You just cannot reason with these people. You can address all their concerns and then they'll invent some new ones just to keep stirring the pot and any amount of attention they get just emboldens their resolve and their agenda. Why do they target the Olympics and the Olympics only? How about motor racing and it's effects on the environment? How about other sports organizations and the their insistence on using public funds to build stadiums? They don't seem to have too much to say about the issues related to the 2022 World Cup, either. 

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It's a local issue.  I don't know why these Boston idiots feel the need to start grass root anti-Games committees outside of Boston.

Do I think building a new 80,000 seat stadium is needed in Brisbane for any reason? No. Would I welcome the public transport overhaul a Games would bring? Yes. Do I think a region like mine could responsibly host a Games with the existing infrastructure to the degree the bidders claim? No.

The cost and the way they are sprouting how much revenue the 2032 Games will bring in is ridiculous.  The only way a 2032 Games will succeed is if local sponsors are absolutely gouged for licensing fees and ticket prices are sky high - unless it all comes from taxpayers.

These are my issues.  If the 2032 team came out with solid financials that are open and transparent I'd feel better about Brisbane hosting. The IOC seemingly still discourages this by just endlessly spouting the "we'll kick in a billion or two!" - like that will pay for everything and us tax and rate payers won't get fuccked over.

I want to pay my part of the Games via a ticket. And only via a ticket. Make that happen and I'm behind it 100%.

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