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South Korea To Bid For 2024 Winter Youth Olympics In Gangwon Province

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Sports officials in South Korea announced Tuesday that they are organizing a bid to host the 2024 Winter Youth Olympics across Gangwon Province, leveraging venues and facilities that were used to stage the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Games. At a briefing where legacy plans for three remaining Olympic venues were unveiled, Gangwon Governor Choi Moon-soon said […]

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7 hours ago, thatsnotmypuppy said:

Well that'll give those venues a bit more use - still... not a good look.

Interesting that this announcement comes right after South Korea says they have finalized legacy plans for the remaining Pyeongchang venues that will in their words "offer year-round activities to support the sports and educational legacy of the most recent Winter Olympic Games." Sounds like they have just kicked the can down the road a little bit and now with a winter YOGs bid in the cards (I can easily see this being awarded at the next IOC session in Tokyo next year) the fate of the sliding track, main ice hockey arena, and the speed skating oval are kept in the short term, from demolition. And Choi's argument that the YOGs will help raise the profile of the country and revitalize the local economy, well, wasn't that the main purpose of hosting the big one in in 2018? Not sure how the YOGs helps in that regard. This is speculation and it might be a stretch, but maybe the IOC made a few phone calls encouraging the Koreans to bid for the YOGs so as not to have another PR disaster about unused venues in a time when the IOC is desperate to get bidders in the first place?

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Good for them, I guess. I mean, in the end the Pyeongchang games got a surplus of at least 55 USD, so not everything was bad news. However it is true they've taken their sweet time into finding a purpose for all of these venues and it sounds like the WOG weren't enough to fully transform Gangwon into the winter sports hub they wanted it to be, so they're aspiring for the Youth games as a final push for that. Not sure if it will work considering even less people care for the YOG, but if no one bids for this then Korea can easily grab this into the bag.

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