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What if Beijing won the 2000 Olympic Games hosting rights, How would the 21st century Olympic Games look like?

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What if there was a vote turn into Beijing favour with both Beijing and Sydney won both 44 votes each in the final round with Juan Antonio Samaranch casting the deciding tie breaker vote to Beijing to host the 2000 Olympic Games? How would the 21st Olympic Games look like?

With the failed 3 Olympic Games from Australia Australia would not bid again for a generation 

Beijing China 2000

2002 - 2006 Games would still be the same places Salt Lake City USA 2002 - Athens Greece 2004 and Turin Italy 2006

Summer Games host cities would be most likely this.

Toronto Canada 2008

Tokyo Japan 2012

Rio de Janeiro Brazil 2016

Moscow Russia 2020

Seoul South Korea 2024

Los Angeles USA 2028

Rome Italy 2032

Winter Games host cities

Harbin China 2010

Almaty Kazakhstan 2014

Munich Germany 2018

Denver or Reno USA 2022

Stockholm Sweden 2026

Vancouver Canada 2030

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