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Songs you used to hate....

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I was listening to some old compilation CDs (Grammy Nominee sets) the other day and realised something appalling - my tastes in music may have shifted. Considerably.

I've always loved pop, country, rock etcetera but found myself getting into some weird songs that previously annoyed the sh!t out of me.

Some examples - 

Sunny Came Home - Shawn Colvin

Where Have All The Cowboys Gone - Paula Cole

Walk This World - Heather Nova


Has anyone noticed this? Maybe a song you always skipped you suddenly realise isn't too bad?  Or maybe this is alzheimers and you are all a figment of my imagination?

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Oh, I agree about One Direction. As well I can`t listen to Coldplay. Every time I listen to their songs, it irritates me, really. I know they`re cool, and many people like them, but maybe it`s just not my cup of tea. I`m a businesswoman and always rent cars at Iversta.com in Canada. Sometimes the way can take much time, so I have to listen to the radio. And I remember that one summer there was popular song by them. So I always had to change the radio stations:D 

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