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Ukraine Sets focus On Future Olympic Games Bid

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Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskiy Tuesday advised government officials to prepare a bid to host an upcoming Olympic Games. Zelenskiy, a former comedian who was elected in April to lead Ukraine, hopes to develop necessary sport infrastructure that could be used to stage an Olympics. “We should give a task to our guys, who are looking […]

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Idk about you but looking at Ukraine right now I can see that if they can find the right stepping stone like YOG or European Games they can be a stronger candidate than some 2032 candidates like India and Indonesia

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Pripyat could be the single most awesome site for an Olympic Village EVER. Existing infrastructure and condos (embracing Agenda 2020 + the New Norm), already well protected by the Ukrainian military (reducing the price tag for games security) and with all that radiation around the Russians won't even need to dope (provided they are allowed to enter the country, that is, of course). :P

Now, honestly, this is certainly not gonna happen for 2032. A Summer Youth Olympics in Kiyev might work out at some point, though.

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