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How big area is an Olympic Village?

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If you will look at the pictures, and guessing obviously from the 3 distinct situations (i.e., Brazil is the largest country of the 3 in land area, and Tokyo the highest density by population), then of the 3, Rio is probably the largest in land area -- and the buildings (18 stories high) are a little farther apart from each other and arranged in a more random manner allowing breathing room between each tower and best views for/from each building. 

At the other end is Tokyo, which looks more monolithic and crowded of the 3, and dominated by two huge towers that seem to be in the 40-storey range -- all shoe-horned into that land reclaimed from the Bay.  So, of the 3, Tokyo would seem to be the smallest in footprint size; Rio is the largest -- and London (which from the pics look like 8-story high buildings), somewhere in-between.  And of course, the UK being he smallest in population of the 3 countries.  

After doing a quick search, Tokyo's OV is on a 13.9 hectare site;  "Of a total of 5,632 total units, 4,145 will be offered for sale and 1,487 for lease."  (So, 5,632 units in all.)  If I found that, Hans, I am sure you can find the rest of the details, on your own.  They are out there.  

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