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2030 Olympic Winter Games Bids

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 2030 Winter Games Host Election Timeline

So with this announcement by the IOC, the timeline to the 2030 Host Election can be expected to be as follows, based on the 2032 timeline:

Dec 2022 - IOC Executive Board Meeting

  • between now and December, the IOC Future Host Commission will continue dialogue with the four candidates: Sapporo, Salt Lake City, Vancouver and Barcelona-Pyranees
  • the IOC Future Host Commission for the Olympic Winter Games will prepare recommendations to the IOC Executive Board on which candidate or candidates should be elevated to the Targeted Dialogue phase
  • if the IOC Executive Board accepts the recommendations, it will then hold a media conference to announce the elevated candidate/s to Targeted Dialogue.

Dec-Feb/Mar 2023 (approx.)

  • the IOC Future Host Commission for the Olympic Winter Games commences Targeted Dialogue with the elevated candidate/s.
  • the Commission can be expected to prepare a Feasibility Assessment,  send the Future Host Questionnaire Winter Olympic Games to each elevated candiate/s, receive/prepare the IOC Future Host Questionnaire Response, and finally prepare the Report of the Future Host Commission for the Winter Olympic Games to the IOC Executive Board - Targeted Dialogue (Candidate’s name) 2030”
  • the IOC Executive Board can be expected to accept the Commission’s  recommendation/s and then the IOC will prepare for a Host Election to occur at the next IOC Session.
  • a media conference at this point can also be expected

May 2023

  • at the 140th IOC Session in Mumbai, India, the 2030 Host Election is expected to occur after the candidate presentation/s and a Q&A session. Then comes the winner announcement, signing of the Host Contract and a media conference.
  • it’s entirely possible also for an election to also occur for the 2034 Winter Games, but that remains to be seen whether a double-awarding occurs or not.
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