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Zagreb 2030

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On 12/29/2020 at 11:53 AM, baron-pierreIV said:

They've even cancelled the 2021 European Figure Skating Champs slated for Zagreb in January next month because of Covid.  So that is a major mark against the city through no fault of its own.  

Zagreb has hosted several major figure skating competitions in the last several years including the 2019 World Junior Figure Skating Championships and 2013 European Figure Skating Championships.  They're a proven host and having 2021 Euros cancelled is hardly a major mark against the city.  They get great marks from most fans who attend competitions there.  In all likelihood, Zagreb will probably be awarded host city privileges for Euros 2024 to make up for this year assuming they want it.  The ISU gave 2023 Four Continents to Sydney as a make-up for having to cancel 2021 4CCs which they were slated to host.  Probably the only reason the same didn't happen for 2023 Euros is that the ISU waited until December to cancel Euros and by then they'd already awarded 2023 Euros to Helsinki, whereas the 2021 4CCs cancellation was made prior to the awarding of the hosts for the major 2023 championships (Worlds, Jr Worlds, Continentals, Synchro Worlds and Synchro Jr Worlds).

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