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Tokyo Olympic Tickets thread

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Did better than I thought I'd do.  Maybe the best I've ever done on a first round set of orders for an Olympics.  Got Canoe Slalom final, Archery final, Volleyball semifinal, Handball quarterfinal & final, and the women's singles Tennis final (the ticket includes men's & women's bronze matches too). 

By contrast, for Rio I got a Badminton preliminary and flatwater Canoeing final on the first round.  And for London I got nothing at all.  For those of you who got little or nothing in this round, keep in mind that, by the time the games rolled around, my group ended up with more tickets than they could use for both of those Games.

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10 hours ago, thatsnotmypuppy said:

Based on what I am reading on reddit/instagram - canoe slalom and tennis seems to be far and away the most allocated sports.

Seems no-one got sports climbing or surfing at all.

I think there were a large number of sports for which CoSport released very few tickets or none at all from the US allocation.  Keep in mind that CoSport is still working to sell their highly marked-up tours, which include a few "premium" tickets each.  I expect the July 2 sale to be mostly tickets for these same sports that most people got yesterday, as the inventory will be made up largely (entirely?) of tickets that people didn't accept from this first round.

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Got all the money in my account and was ready to buy my confirmed tickets today.  When I ran into this notice on CoSport's website this afternoon:

" Dear Customer,

The purchase of confirmed tickets is being postponed while CoSport experiences a processing issue.

Results of the ticket lottery remain intact and in your account, with confirmed tickets available for purchase at a later date, soon to be announced.

Please check back for updates, including an Email announcing the extended purchase period. Thank you.

Experience the Games with CoSport! "


Yes, that's certainly some prime CoSport experience right there. 

Was anyone able to buy their tickets over the past couple of days?  Did you run into any problems?

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Cosport stuff ups its all part of the Olympic experience.

I purchased mine as soon as i logged in to see the results. Added to cart deleted a session i got double tickets to and payed in full no issues.

Im guessing this will now delay the live ticket sales for a few weeks


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Australian Tickets for Tokyo 2020 Olympics on sale July 10th

Record-High Global Demand Expected to Restrict Australian and International Allocations

Live ticket sales for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games will start this Wednesday morning, 10 July from 9.00am AEST.

Last month, CoSport, the Official Olympic Hospitality Provider and proud Australian Olympic Team Partner, held a Ticket Request Process in which more than one million global users accessed CoSport.com to enter a ballot process, requesting tickets to their favourite Olympic events.

CoSport users whose ballots were successfully drawn were among the first Australians to buy Tokyo 2020 tickets.

In Australia, the most-requested Olympic events have been Athletics, Swimming, Basketball and Artistic Gymnastics, followed by the Opening Ceremony, which will take place on 24 July 2020 in Tokyo’s New National Stadium.

Two new Olympic sports debuting in Tokyo – Skateboarding and Sports Climbing - were also among the 20 most-requested of the Games’ 52 disciplines, as was Baseball which is being re-introduced after a 12-year absence.

Australia-based fans will have their next opportunity to purchase tickets on 10 July at 9:00am AEST, when CoSport will sell tickets on a first-come-, first-served basis, along with ticket-hotel combinations also offered in several configurations with accommodation, meals and expert guidance. Buyers should be sure to register a CoSport.com user account to access the sale by 10 July.

CoSport’s record-breaking news followed a Japan-based ticket lottery where the Tokyo 2020 Organising Committee also recorded millions of users requesting tickets reserved for residents of the host country.

Japan’s strong demand for host country tickets will result in the vast majority of high-demand tickets being sold to Japanese residents, with Australia sharing in remainders split among more than 100 territories. “Although Australia represents a very large market for Tokyo, the Olympic Games has the unique ability to level playing fields and spectator seats alike, with Australia just one player sharing in limited global ticket allocations,” said Robert F. Long, President of CoSport.

“CoSport continues to work hard to meet Australian public demand, maximise allocation and provide fair access throughout the ticketing process. As such, fans who did not obtain tickets during the Request Process shouldn’t lose hope, but take advantage of the Live Sales opportunity launching on 10 July,“ Mr Long concluded.

“The Tokyo Games will open in just over a year, and these Games will be one of the best ever. With our ticketing partner CoSport we are pleased to be able to offer the friends and family of Australian athletes the opportunity to purchase tickets,” said Australian Olympic Committee CEO Matt Carroll.

“The unprecedented demand for tickets is a challenge for Australians looking to travel to Tokyo so we encourage fans to get in now for tickets and look for accommodation options.

“Together with CoSport, we are excited to extend the invitation to Australian fans for a once-in-a-lifetime experience in Tokyo. The demand for tickets is unprecedented, but our athletes will be grateful for all the support they can receive on the ground in Tokyo,” Mr Carroll concluded.

The Olympic Experience Experts, CoSport has spent decades bringing fans to the Games and has been preparing since 2015 in Tokyo, the world’s largest metropolitan area which expects another 1 million visitors for the 2020 Olympic Games.



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The latest on CoSport says:

Message last updated: 4:06 PM

With overwhelming demand for Tokyo 2020, event tickets on a standalone basis have sold out, while you may still purchase available packages if they suit your needs. Please check periodically for CoSport updates on new ticket availability.

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I am still in line for the Aussie Cosport sale - now down to 941st in line.  It is dropping fast so I assume our local allocation is also sold out.



Still available - very limited - 


Badminton, Basketball, Basketball 3 x 3, Equestrian, Fencing, Handball, Rugby, Taekwondo, Volleyball, Weightlifting and Wrestlng.

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so logged in about 1 min before 9am and joined the wait list when it went live hda 98 people ahead.

Got swimming prlims but only 1 tickets, Womens basketball final, mod pentathlon sports climbing and rugby 7''s mens final.

did have an issue processing payment clicked on payment and then got an error and lost everything in the cart. after a bit of yelling i logged back in and went to orders and order was there fully payed and confirmed.

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Good score with the swimming. Looks like there were no athletics at all which is surprising.

Looks like they are all gone.  It showed stock exhausted an hour ago.  I checked again and there was 3 x 3 basketball B reserve - now that is also gone.

Looking at the European stocks - there is quite a bit still there.

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I´m a bit surprised that it is so hard to get tickets. I will not try for 2020, because i´m not happy about flying, so it is a bit to fare away for me. But I´m really hoping Paris 2024 could be my first Olympic games, perhaps just 3-5 days. But if it is so hard to get tickets in tokyo I also guess it would be very hard in Paris. I´m not hoping for athletics finals, perhaps a morning session. But swimming finals i would really hope for, and then som badminton, handball, table tennis, rowing, track cycling, tennis. Are those kinds of events more easy? or is it very different from games to games what are easy and hard to get tickets for. How early should i prepare me for it? Where to stay, and so?

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It is quite different Games to Games.  Sydney , Beijing and London were hard tickets to get.  Athens and Rio were both quite easy - Athens in particular (even with all of Europe right there) had millions of unsold tickets.  I'd imagine Paris should be OK as the EU rules mean all members of the EU get equal share - the French can't hold back 60% just for their citizens.  Also LA may be better since all the US attendants will get their tickets locally and thus in theory there will be a bigger share spread amongst the rest of CoSport.

Of the sports you listed most will be popular locally - except maybe badminton. Forget about hotels/flights/trains etcetera until 2023.  You can't book them this far out.

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