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Preliminaries vs Finals

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Hi all. Just checking out this cool site as a Tokyo resident getting excited about 2020. Tickets go on sale in a few days and I have a question for the experts.

What're the main differences between preliminaries and finals? Besides price I mean lol. Clearly the finals are 3X more expensive, so they must be worth it.

How different is it? Should I be buying finals tickets for all events? Or are the preliminary rounds almost as good? What's the difference excitement-wise? Obviously the medal ceremony is worth something, is there anything else special about the finals that makes it a must-buy?

Thanks so much!



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Hmmmmm. Well, it depends what experience you’re after. And how many tickets you are planning to get or events you want to attend.

if you’re really into a particular sport, you may well want to follow the events right through from preliminaries to finals.

if you’re not a passionate follower of any particular sport, and plan on going to a range of events, then, yes, certainly try to get some finals tickets - you will want to see some medal events and the ceremonies for the excitement and experience. But don’t put your nose up at some preliminaries as well - not only are they gonna be cheaper and easier to get into, but they also give you the Olympic experience, can let you experience some of the more unusual or lower profile sports (which, at an Olympics, can be great fun and might even make you a convert to that sport).and let you experience different venues. And the crowds and atmosphere can be really fun at some of these less high profile events.

So, i’d advocate trying for a mix of prelims and finals. Also, personally, i’d Also suggest, again unless you are into a particular sport, trying to spread your tickets across as many sports as possible and avoid going to the same sport twice. But that’s just me - after attending three games, i’ve Come to the conclusion I like to get a breadth of experiences from them.

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