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TOP partners progam, 2020 - 2024

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Was just looking at the current TOP (The Olympic Global Partners), and it looks more international these days:  there are 3 Japanese companies (Bridgestone, Panasonic and Toyota), one each from China, Germany, Korea and Switzerland; and just two from the US (Visa and Intel).  Gone are the times when there were as many as six US companies, at least as of July 2010  (Coke, Dow, GE, McDonald's, Procter & Gamble, and VISA).  Am really surprised that Coca-Cola has dropped out, it being the oldest sponsor of the Olympics.  I guess association with the Olympic rings doesn't align with their needs for a solvent bottom line anymore.  Well, the IOC, like Apple, has billions stashed in their bank account.  Other Chinese companies, other than Alibaba will probably be taking up the slack in the next few decades.  

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