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London 2036


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32 minutes ago, Hansfromdenmark said:

Do you think that IOC will accept smaller venues if the games are good? or is there a buttom limet for venue capacity you think?

Not anymore, no - or at least it's much more relaxed than it was. I think I'm right in saying Tokyo 20 will be the last Games following the IOC's previous strict minimum capacity requirements for each sport. I'm sure you can find those requirements by Googling.

Paris 24 is the first Games where minimum venue requirements are relaxed (possibly entirely removed, I'm not sure). Certainly I think Paris and LA are in a strange grey area where they developed bids under the old assumptions but are hosting - and have been able to make changes - based on the new ones. Brisbane 32 will be the first Games where it's totally new, and perhaps the biggest example of that will be the smallest athletics stadium for over a century.

Getting rid of arbitrary, strict capacity requirements is probably the best single measure in the IOC's new norm. That said, I don't want to see hosts taking the michael. It should still feel like an Olympics, not a Commonwealth Games.

So to answer your question; yes, smaller cities should be much better placed than they were previously.

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I must admit I havn´t studiet the Brisbane bid. But im Happy to hear what what you are writing. It gives me hope :) I think we could host it in Copenhagen joined with Malmø with "only" 2 new venues, the Athletics and Swimming arena. I hope i could get contact to someone who could go my idea for venues through and perhaps comment if I´m completely wrong. But it of course has to be someone with local knowledge :)  

The rest in existing venues, or temp venues/tribunes or temp rebuilds. The one with "low" capacity is for example table tennis i have placed in Malmø "Baltiska hallen" with only a cap. of 4.000. But perhaps one new indoor venue for aprox. 8.000 could be build in either Malmø or Copenhagen. But else I think we could do it! 

Well, it is not the thread on this forum for a debate on this. So back to London/Great Britian

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